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Use our powerful digital presence to increase your job ad visibility and brand your company as an attractive employer.

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Why promote job ad on Facebook?

Advanced targeting

By promoting the job ad, we additionally target candidates who are more suited to the requirements and conditions of the job ad.

Candidates activation

Promoted job ad can also be seen by people who want a new job but are not looking for it actively.


By promoting your job ad, we contribute to increasing the visibility of your company's brand.


How Facebook promotion works?


Ordering a job ad

At the end of second page of the form for ordering a job ad, check the option “I want promotion on Facebook”.


How does this work?

A Facebook promotion of a job ad means that we show your job opening to a targeted audience. The ad appears in the users newsfeed.


The result of the promotion

The result of the promotion - To know how many people came from Facebook to your job ad, after the expiration of your job ad on our web site, we'll send you the number of clicks on posts in the email.

Job ad can be promoted on Facebook only once during the advertisement period on our site.
For advanced promotional packages, you can call us at: 024 / 41-55-615


Promotion for
3 days




Promotion for
7 days


100EUR + VAT


Promotion for
10 days


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