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Remote Marketing Manager

Remote position

Dreams Around The World:

Our mission is to help people become the best version of themselves while creating an awesome life for them and their loved ones. We do this through a growing YouTube Channel and Podcast, as well as books, online courses, and in person events. To learn more, just google Dreams Around The World.

We’re excited to add a new member to our team to complement our personalities and share what we do with more people.

Position Overview:

You’ll serve a key position in a fun, growing company that is having a positive impact on the world. Your work here will matter to our fans, subscribers, and clients. Every week we receive comments and emails thanking us for the work we’re doing and sharing how it has impacted lives.

This will be the first dedicated marketing role in the company. As we grow, you will have the opportunity to develop your expertise and expand your team.

Overall your responsibility is to increase our audience size, our audience’s awareness of deeper ways to work together (books, courses, events), and the process of turning a casual subscriber into a loyal customer and client.

This is a full time position. Although I am in and out of Belgrade and we already have one team member here, the majority of work will be done remotely and a few times a year we will meet here in Belgrade.

What Will You Do:

I am looking for a special type of person who can strategize, plan, and execute. You must be an action taker who doesn’t mind getting things done and handling the dirty details.

Specific Responsibilities and Deliverables :

Promotion and Marketing of Company Assets on External Platforms

Basically, increase sales of already published books and courses being sold on other platforms (for example, books on Amazon, Audible, iBooks etc).

Promotion and Marketing of Company Assets Through Our Own Platform and Email List

Analytics and Opportunity Spotting

You look at the numbers and advise where to pour fuel on the fire, where to let it burn out, and what new fires should be on our horizon.

Topic and Keyword Research

Our public content (Videos, Podcasts, Articles) cannot be separated from our marketing. You’ll help us strategize new content ideas that will support marketing and grow our sales.

Responsible For Tracking Videos and Podcasts, Implementing Lead Magnets, End of Video/Podcast CTAs, and Driving Subscribers From Content

Our content plays an important role in our marketing and as our Marketing Manager you’ll play an important role in ensuring our content is translating into company growth.

Responsible For On-Site Opt-Ins, AB Testing

While these areas will be your responsibility, you’ll access to team resources including design and copywriting experts for a second opinion or help on critical components.

Project Management – Setting Deadlines, Keeping Things On Track plus Hiring and Managing Part Time/One Time Talent

You’ll be responsible for hiring and managing freelancers related to your projects as well as ensuring projects move forward on pace.


  • 3 weeks of fully disconnected (zero work, zero email checking) paid holidays per year.
  • Competitive compensation.
  • Work remotely. You have the Freedom to set your own schedule and manage your days. Work from home, cafes, a co-working space we will pay for, or a combination of the above.
  • We’re a fun and asshole free team. Our clients are awesome people and value what we do...we’re more likely to receive a thank you email than a complaint.
  • Never a cog in the machine. Your work will matter and make a difference. Not only are we having a positive impact on the world, you’ll know exactly where your work is going and how it affects our business and clients.
  • I value good ideas and new approaches. You’ll have the opportunity to push yourself and your potential.
  • Significant opportunity for personal and professional growth. Through friends and private networks, I often have access to the latest intel and growth strategies not publicily available.

Are you the right person?

  • You love the idea of seeing something grow and you’re the kind of person driven to make it happen.
  • You tackle challenges from an analytical point of view…looking at the numbers and data.
  • You have a critical eye yet can spot opportunities and areas for growth as much as you can spot possible obstacles.
  • You’re loyal, reliable, and honest. If you say you’ll do something you can be counted on to follow through.
  • You enjoy learning and developing new skills.
  • You can get along with people and work within a team, but socializing or charming clients is not necessarily your thing and you’re happy to work independently much of the time.
  • You can’t necessarily build a computer from scratch, but you’re good with technology. There’s a good chance you’re a former (and not currently addicted) PC gamer.
  • You’re always looking for ways to make things better. You see what can be improved and take action to make it so.
  • You don’t mind getting your hands dirty. Yes, you can plan, manage, and think through what needs to be done…but you’ll also roll up your sleeves and get it done.
  • You’re able to work independently and maintain your own motivation. You prefer to own a project and are happy to produce a plan and take action towards your goals but still appreciate support, feedback, and ideas as you go.


  • Because we are a small team the role will evolve to include a variety of responsibilities and the skills that come with them.
    None of the following skills are requirements for the job (you can learn them with us), but it’s better if you already have significant and actionable experience in a few of these areas:
    • Google Analytics – Specially being able to look at data and find opportunities to capitalize on and insights for our team about what is working and what isn’t working.
    • Copywriting.
    • Search Engine Optimization.
    • Social Media Marketing.
    • YouTube (not just watching!).
    • A Demonstrable Interest / Knowledge of Personal Development, Psychology, or Personality Types.
    • PR / Getting Press Mentions.
    • Web Design, Using Page Builders (Thrive, OptimizePress).
    • Email Marketing and Email Marketing Automation.
    • Experience Managing and/or Hiring.
    • Other Areas of Digital Marketing and Content Marketing.

To Apply:

  • Please share a 1-4 paragraph story of a situation when you persuaded one or more people to take a specific action.
  • If you have an up to date resume, please include it. If not, please include a brief list of your education, relevant positions, and actionable skills.
  • Email these electronically.
  • Please make the subject line: “Job posting on Infostud website”

We are beginning interviews this week. If you’re reading this, the position is still open.

 Deadline for applications: 17.10.2019.

Konkurs je istekao.

Napomena: Poslovi.infostud.com ne vrši posredovanje u zapošljavanju u Srbiji, niti u inostranstvu. Postupak selekcije i odabira kandidata je u nadležnosti poslodavca, a odredbe ugovora o radu predstavljaju direktan dogovor između poslodavca i zaposlenog. Svi pojmovi u oglasima, koji su upotrebljeni u muškom rodu, odnose se bez diskriminacije i na osobe ženskog pola i obrnuto, osim ukoliko specifičnim zahtevima posla nije drugačije propisano.

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The mission of Dreams Around The World is to help people become the best version of themselves while creating an awesome life for them and those they love.  


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