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Senior Manager in Gaming Services Company (E-Commerce)

Blazing Boost Srl



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Job description

Introduction & Company Overview

Blazing Boost Srl is an Italian e-commerce company founded in 2012. 
We are leaders in selling online services for multiplayer games, particularly World of Warcraft & Destiny 2. We are, however, adding more games on our website or working on their development and growth.

Our website: https://blazingboost.com
Our Trustpilot: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/blazingboost.com
(in use since 2018)

Our main selling point is allowing gamers to play with professional players, learn from them, and have fun. 
Therefore, we primarily specialize in the Coaching and “Play with pro” market and environment. With 10 years of experience, we have stellar knowledge of consumers’ expectations when shopping online and our roadmap is clear.

We initially started providing services in World of Warcraft in 2012 as a group of gamers, but have thoroughly expanded our network, structure and goals thanks to successfully achieving KPIs every semester. We are currently very solid in two games and have a structure ready to enter other markets.

We are looking for new management positions to achieve the next step up we have been planning for the past few years, ensuring that our entrance in the new markets is successful. This requires a very well prepared management positions that we are looking to fulfill with this job post.

In general, you will be expected to strengthen our connections with other games’ markets, improve our product quality by applying our ideas, use your own creativity, and manage our operations whilst being in close contact with C-level positions.

Your starting salary will be of 2000€ per month, with the initial goal to reach 3000€ per month within one year through bonuses based on results and your own KPIs being met.
You must be ready to work on different projects, pick up new tasks, skills, and have a versatile and ambitious mindset to compete with world-leading companies in the freelances services market (TopTal, Upwork, Fiverr).

Our ideas start from the gaming world.
We are looking for people who are passionate to expand them to the overall freelance services market with the highest possible standards. Our goal is simple: happy customers who get the highest quality at the most affordable price.

Our structure

Today, BlazingBoost has more than 130 people specialized in different areas of our work.

We have:

  • Livechat support operators for initial contact and sales generation with our visitors
  • Discord support operators for post purchase help, assistance, and further sales generation
  • Specialized small teams with specific assignments such as: chat control, personal shoppers for whale customers and customer retention management
  • Seniors who assist the support teams and lead daily operations
  • Management
  • Marketing team
  • Developers
  • C Level positions
  • All of our team works 100% from remote, some with fixed and some with flexible schedules. 

Our goals

  • Short Term Goals: maintain our currently strongest games and expand in 3 more games in 2022
  • Longer Term Goals: expand in further games and evolve beyond the gaming industry with our long-term main-project

What we offer

  • High flexibility and freedom of relocation
  • Do you want to travel and work in remote? You can. You will never be required to be in any specific office. You are absolutely free.
  • Your salary will not be stuck at the same rate for the years to come
  • Looking at the market's size and growing trend, if you allow more games to be successful and bring profit and stability to the company, we are absolutely happy to let you reach 4000€ per month within two years, for example. Therefore, while our main goal is to let you earn 3000€ per month within the first year, if your projects are very successful we have absolutely no issue to reward you even further for your work. 
  • Creativity is very much welcome and appreciated
  • At our current stage, if you bring a new project idea or any proposal, it will seriously be considered. Resources can be at your disposal if the higher management considers your idea to be promising. Meritocracy first!
  • Direct contact with stakeholders and C level positions
  • This means you will gain considerable practice in dealing with the higher management of a successful e-commerce company. 
  • We strongly believe in our project
  • You can have a real impact in nourishing the development of a platform that allows professional gamers to earn money legally online, ensuring that gamers of any age and background can have fun and learn from the best. Our experience in this environment is crucial for our expansion in the general freelance services market: you can join us in this journey, capitalizing on the progress we've made in the past years, ensuring you play a very important role. 
  • If you are a gamer and you love one of the games we currently support, you can have access to free or extremely discounted services (at price of cost) from our own suppliers/coachers. 
  • Collaborative, realistic, and humble environment 
  • Our team has some very dedicated, precise and genuine operators that you will love to work with. 

Job Position: Senior Manager

General Description

We are looking for a Senior Management position that will help us with the expansion in other online games’ markets.
According to your skills and the result of your interview, you may be tasked to manage a game on your own or to assist another manager in another game project.

You must be ready to work on whatever field is necessary during any project’s growth. Our goal is to always build the most reliable and efficient structure in any project, although to reach that goal it may be necessary for a Senior Manager to fulfill multiple roles and multi task with different responsibilities.

This is a full work from home position and you will be formalized as a freelancer: you will be able to fully manage your own time and schedule, although we expect you to be available at standard day times for meetings or other workflow routines when necessary.

What your work will look like

Initially, we plan your regular work to entail these main responsibilities:

  • analyze the market of a game, understanding what are the services that can be offered to its player base
  • understand the conditions at which the services can be provided
  • add services on our website, build categories, copywrite when necessary (no coding knowledge required)
  • cooperate with our top management for resources allocation
  • find stable suppliers for our services
  • monitor the quality of the services provided
  • increase sales
  • monitor the customer support quality
  • apply our procedures and policies, with the freedom to evolve them for your project
  • create procedures that are necessary for the game project in which you will be involved
  • have a considerable impact in the marketing operations and management of your project
  • create and manage promotions for our customer base
  • identify the right marketing opportunities with influencers or similar venues

These may change during the evolution of your position within our company.

Few examples of practical tasks or obligations you can expect:

  • speed read through the chats that our support team has had the previous day
  • ensure that the support team is knowledgeable about the game services we are providing to increase our conversion rate
  • create and manage a team of operators issuing routine quality checks on our suppliers through real or fake services
  • create a bundle service out of two best sellers at 10% off and ensure it is well presented on the website and properly marketed
  • Routinely scan the whole game section you have built and ensure that prices, descriptions and times of delivery are competitive and accurate
  • Apply a considerable discount on a product, make agreements with suppliers to offer them priority work on that product for a lower payment proportionate to the discount and send a newsletter for that discounted promotion
  • Contact whale customers, offer them promotions and exclusive deals or manage a team of operators doing so
  • Monitor ROAS of our marketing channels and consult with the management for budget allocation, decisions, and corrections on the ad copy or ad creatives

Starting Salary & Our Conditions

  • 2000€ (euros) per month
  • As your position evolves within the company, bonus systems will be setup with the goal to reward you for an extra +1000€ per month  within the first year.
  • This shall be negotiated according to sale results or KPIs: if your work is even more successful than expected, we will be glad to rediscuss your salary even further to offer you more than 3000€ per month on your 2nd or 3rd year of work with us. 
  • Seeing as this is a work from home position, your working hours are expected to be logged via a monitoring software named "Controlio". 

What is Controlio and how does it work?

We have been using "Controlio" for more than three years as it is necessary as a benchmark of your work and it helps us with quality control.

The software takes a series of screenshots as you enable/launch it, monitoring your activities. Any activity recording is immediately stopped as soon as you disable the software’s tracking with the On/Off switch. 

If you do not disable Controlio, the software will keep running when you are inactive for some minutes, providing the parameters of "Active" and "Inactive" time. 

We deeply care about your privacy and transparency. Therefore:

  • We only want you to enable the program when you are working
  • Some of our operators use Controlio on a specific Windows user account to split their private and their working life, installing Controlio only on their work user
  • You will have your own admin account on the platform so that you can "monitor yourself" and fully know what the management can see about your own activity
  • Between 180h and 190h of active Controlio hours per month (30 days) are necessary for a 2000€ payment. Inactive time is relatively ignored. Active hours beyond 190h may qualify you for an extra according to the circumstance, especially if you overworked to meet a deadline or finalize an important product or project
  • However, we generally suggest not to exceed the amount of hours in order to keep a healthy balance with your private life
  • Less than 180h of Controlio activity will not qualify you for your full payment and a proportionate calculation will be done. Please note that the bare minimum is 160h with a full time position
  • We consider Controlio to be essential, although it is a benchmark of your work to troubleshoot what could be the issue in the case of lack of results. Therefore, your Controlio Activity will be occasionally monitored but the main company’s focus will be to work with you proactively to achieve results, rather than watch your Controlio activity

You will have overall flexibility in your working schedule, to balance with your own, the company’s and your project’s needs.
As an example, if you wish to be away for a weekend, it is completely fine if the hours are reached at the end of the month and your absence does not create clear workflow problems.
In one of our games, a certain game activity is usually available on the weekend from Friday to Tuesday, during which there is a surge in sales. If you have responsibilities to manage while the activity is available in the game and you are absent without prior delegation of your responsibilities, this is considered to be a problem.
14 holiday days per year in which your payment is paid in half. 
Example: 14 days of holiday in a month and another 14 of work with 90h active.
In that case, you will receive 500€ for the holiday period and 1000€ for the 90h active.

Do not apply if

While we welcome applications from all backgrounds, some of these elements may either cause a total to ignore of your application or termination of your contract:

  • No knowledge of the eCommerce or gaming world
  • You do not have knowledge of the current gaming world. We need you to have an extensive understanding of online games, having played them in the past or still playing them occasionally as of today is a mandatory requirement.
  • Toxicity with your colleagues
  • Sexism, racism, or similar behaviors
  • You do not know how to balance your own real life and work schedule
  • You are an addicted gamer. We are looking for people with strong goals achievable with hard work. We respect gaming as a passion, but we need you to be motivated for your career growth and not into your gaming character / account. 

Enrollment Procedure

After applying, you can expect a positive or negative answer within 3-10 working days.
If we are interested in your candidacy, an initial interview will be held with one of our management team members or recruiters over Discord. If the initial interview is successful, we will show you our contract.
Furthermore, you will have to successfully complete a number of tests in another longer interview or two interviews, according to your background and skills.

As a non exhaustive list of examples, we could analyze:

  • Your attempt at communicating with a customer or a seller about a specific topic
  • How you would describe or present a product on our website
  • How you would lead a small project in a hypothetical circumstance


Mandatory Requirements

If you wish to apply for this position, please ensure to meet these requirements:

  • Stable internet connection
  • C1 level of English or above
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Experience in a leading or coordinating position of at least one year
  • Knowledge of e-commerce dynamics
  • Strong knowledge of the gaming world
  • Strong multi-tasking skills
  • High sense of responsibility, precision, and assessment of priorities. If you are instructed to work on a task and through the rest of the week new tasks and assignments arise, the former task must not be forgotten.
  • Be familiar with the most known gaming platforms such as Discord, and Twitch.
  • Great understanding of how to convey the right concepts and emotions through written messages
  • Motivation to prove yourself in a flexible, dynamic but very demanding company that must reach its goals within strict deadlines
  • As explained above, Controlio is a mandatory requirement. 
  • 60+ WPM (words per minute) typing speed
  • Willingness to pick up new skills and learn
  • Friendly and cooperative work attitude and approach

Preferred Requirements

These skills will greatly help your candidacy:

  • Knowledge of SEO
  • Knowledge of Google Ads or Facebook Ads
  • Any languages other than English
  • 100+ WPM typing speed
  • Knowledge of World of Warcraft or Destiny 2
  • Experience in this specific market
    Konkurs je istekao.

    Blazing Boost Srl

    • Italija, Inostranstvo, Via Zenale 13
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