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Our Group is more global than local, more international than national, and more diverse than you can imagine.

Comtrade is a cluster of IT organizations with an innovation mandate: we develop and apply tomorrow’s technology today. We do it as  software engineers or programmers, delivery managers, system engineers or business developers; we also have IT educators,  software architects, and marketing specialists, as well as legal eagles, information security gurus, HR experts (the people people),  data scientists and many more. No, our Software Engineers and Developers don’t run this race alone.

We develop diverse advanced technologies and distribute them in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Over here, in  Southeast Europe, our activities also include system integrations and hardware distribution. Formal and informal IT education rounds  up our local portfolio.

After over 25 years of activity, we have more than a thousand software engineers, five technology centers and 18 offices worldwide  (in California, Ireland, the Philippines, and in-between). Simply remember that we stretch across 17 time zones, as every other stat  we track just keeps on growing.

If you wonder whether you would fit among us, ask yourself this: no matter your age, gender, beliefs or lifestyle, are you a reliable, competent, respectful of others and of professional standards? If so, then you will fit very well indeed.

But will we fit your expectations? Well, if you are looking to be at the forefront of latest technology, to constantly learn and actively
contribute to the changing world, we promise to enable that ride. There’s no saying how far we can go.

So come join us; let’s develop together.

Why us?


We like being part of pushing boundaries so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to be a Gold Sponsor at the Aviation Festival Asia, Asia’s largest commercial aviation event, held 27-28 February 2019 at Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore.

Voyego, the travel and mobility department within Comtrade group, recently launched a new offering focused on improving airlines’ payments systems and UI. Apart from this, Voyego also presented Adnexa – a demand-side, open and customizable digital platform that enables airlines’ ancillary managers to generate additional ancillary revenue by allowing advertisers to place their ads on different airlines’ channels to reach specific passengers. Adnexa was launched last year at the Aviation Festival Asia.

This years’ main stage presentation was held as part of the Air Retail & Payments Show. Our representative was Vojin Rakonjac, Head of Payment Solutions at Voyego. He talked about how airlines can transform payment experience using their current infrastructure, online payments and why airlines are lagging behind other online merchants, and why understanding passengers’ online purchase behaviour is crucial for a successful airline.

He also addressed the issue of which real-life challenges airlines need to solve to deliver a better payment experience for passengers and how (not)difficult it is to enable an optimal payment experience and uplift existing legacy systems.

On the same day, Ivan Miletić, UI Architect at Voyego, spoke at the Airline University about an interesting topic – “End of UX: Journey from commodity and depreciation”.

​Those who wanted to, could join Oliver Lynch, Director for Business Development, at the on-floor seminar the next day. He held a talk on how airlines can leverage digital platforms to boost their ancillary revenue.

Our employees

Senior Project Manager

“My colleagues are the best.  They’re more like family than co-  workers. People are always willing  to lend a hand, listen to opinions  and share a laugh. I trust them  implicitly.”

Key Account Manager

“No two workdays are the same at Comtrade. Every single one is an adventure for itself, as well as a battle.
Between the projects, duties and deadlines, the fun and games truly make this place one of a kind. And everything is much easier with coworkers who do their best, for better or worse."

Lead Engineer

“I wake up excited to go to work!
The energy at Comtrade is  amazing. I love that I’m always  learning something new and
surrounded by ambitious, talented  people who work as hard and care  as much as I do.”


What we offer to our employees


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