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msgNETCONOMY enjoys a global presence in more than 17 countries through joint venture partners, msg global solutions and NETCONOMY. We arm companies to compete in the digital landscape, improve process efficiency and enhance the customer experience across all channels. Our focus is exclusively on SAP® Customer Experience solutions. We are prepared to meet companies on their home turf and show them how we are creating success building exceptional online experiences.

Organized in scrum teams and using cutting-edge technologies, we work on big projects for big clients. Agile methodologies allow us to successfully lead our projects as well as to keep each employee engaged. We have expertise, but we are constantly learning and striving for improvement. We invest equally in the development of our services and our employees. We encourage personal and professional development. We share the knowledge and encourage a growth mindset. We celebrate every success, whether individual or group.
Employees are our strength and the driver of our success. This success would not be possible without the versatility and cohesiveness of our teams. The path to success lies in teamwork and unity, not in job titles or role hierarchy.

Why us?

Recruitment and selection process

All received applications are reviewed by the recruiter responsible for certain job position. Candidates whose experience is matching the best with job requirements are being invited for an HR interview which is the first step of selection process. During this interview candidates can hear more about company culture, our teams, working conditions and benefits, and on the other side candidates can share information about their so far professional experience with us.

​Second step in selection is the Technical or Functional interview with colleagues from relevant department where technical skills of candidates are being assesed, and where they can get more information about technologies that we are using, and projects we are part of. For most of the positions this is at the same time last step in selection, after it candidates can expect our job offer if we match with expectations. For some positions, selection might include final interview that is usually organized online with colleagues interviewers who are operating in Graz and with whom position requirements are being additionally discussed.

Our employees

Luka Malidžan,
Software Developer

The fact that I have been part of this company since its beginning, is something that I am really proud of.
When I joined the company, we were a small team with a big vision of how the company might look like in a few years. I pictured young people, lot of projects, developed business plans and managers who are sharing their know-how through the right way of leading people. I’m more than grateful and proud to see that it came true and it’s even better than I imagined! 
Our company is exploring the unknown from its beginnings. We started by researching some materials about SAP Commerce Cloud and found the ways to use it and create networks with important old and new clients. Since then, we are trying to cope with the changes that are happening in our industry by adapting to them and giving the best solutions. Our culture nurtures creativity, proactivity and initiative – a mindset that brings out the best in my team, but also in me personally. Together with the mentors, assigned to each of us, learning from documentation and different materials is much more efficient.
While working here, I learned to handle professional approaches to the business, to work with experienced people and embrace the unknown outcomes.
Also, msgNETCONOMY brought me growth. Every challenge I have got gave me an opportunity to work on my potential and skills. One of them is leadership skill which is something that you in most cases do not plan in your early career but in one moment, I felt the need to share the knowledge, develop young people and give them a chance to fulfill their potential with my support, as my mentor did with me in my beginning. Preserving the old values is as much important as nursing the new ones.
Working here influenced my development a lot. I learned the importance of empahty in working with people, the connection of trust and learning chances and how much I can progress in multiple roles and responsibilities.
Working here shaped me as a person which is truly rare in today's business world.

Aleksandra Ankić,
SDQA Manager

I have been working at msgNETCONOMY for two years now, but it seems like I have started yesterday. 
I started as a Junior with two years of experience, but working in a completely different methodology. Therefore, it was challenging for me but worth every effort.
Working here has given me the opportunity to work closely together with different nationalities, not only to work with them but also to share free time and cool journeys. This has developed me personally, thought me about the different approaches in communication and that there is nothing a kind word and good communication cannot resolve.
People are the biggest value of our team, and I know that it might sound cheesy but it is really like that. I have never experienced such a symbiosis between people that work together and not even working on the same project. Everyone is always there to help, have a good laugh and do something good for the company.
I realized that you should know more than the work you do or your role requires, you should always tend to expand the knowledge and get out of your comfort zone. I have freedom to try to change stuff, continuously suggest new ideas, and an opportunity to develop myself in a way I want. It is rare and really amazing that we can work in a team and at the same time be focused on self-improvement.
In msgNETCONOMY it is all about the team work.

Nemanja Jovanović,
​Product Owner 

I’ve been part of this wonderful story for more than two years now. I say wonderful, because my start in msgNETCONOMY is one of the major milestones in my personal and professional development.
Skillset which I acquired during formal education and professional activities turned out to be solid foundation for further growth: comprehensive experience in client facing and client management, as well as multicultural and multilingual (German & English) competencies brought me a great satisfaction to work with outstanding people on exciting and challenging projects. Also my dedication and true interest for project management methods made my way in this direction even more exciting.
I am engaged in commerce projects for а prominent client as Product Owner from the very beginning. By utilizing agile methods it is also possible to see personal growth in iterative manner. Actually the whole setup is arranged and adapted to enable the people – it includes learning and training options, attendance on numerous international conferences, trainings and certifications both in-house and abroad. The company culture relies on needs and experience, supportive environment and friendship of employees. For example, beside regularly organized company team buildings, we are arranging hang-outs and activities on our own, which proves the quality of interpersonal relations. What I personally see as an advantage, we as individuals are being empowered to create and pass positive pulse throughout whole organization. Even though we are growing, it is still ascertained that people feel well and get acknowledged for their achievements.
One of the greatest things which I experienced within msgNC: large number of development possibilities, the openness and attentiveness of the whole environment with no hierarchical pressure results in tremendous productiveness and satisfaction with being part of such great success story.


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