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Introducing QACube, the Visual Analytics Platform for DevOps, that is transforming the unmanageable Big Data of QA into visual analytics in seconds. From an unlimited number of data sources, to powerful graphics in seconds, users can instantly see their software quality and make the right decisions. Our customers are among the leading global banks, financial services, insurance, telecom and large enterprises, and they all rely on QACube. In 2018, QACube was named one of the Top 10 BEST Solution Providers (Industry Era)!

Join our rapidly expanding team that develops customer-facing solutions across the Software Delivery Lifecycle (SDLC). If you love new things and want to work with a great team, then let’s connect. 

Why us?

QACube and Sixsentix for a Greener City of Novi Sad

QACube and Sixsentix were among 15 ‘Green Hero’ companies who joined forces in making the city of Novi Sad, Serbia, a greener place, with a vision of a world more connected to nature. Over a hundred enthusiast got together in order to create a future oasis for the kids from Marija Trandafil Primary School and planted 86 trees.

Greening is a long-term process that requires educating on ecology and environmental protection: creating a healthier climate and protecting biodiversity. Trees help clean the air we breathe, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to various species. But planting a tree is not just a way of giving back to the environment, it has a truly positive impact on children: inspiring them to understand nature, the curriculum, and provide them with opportunities for environmental education, but also quiet spaces to learn, play and contemplate.

We would like to give a special thanks to QACube and Sixsentix colleagues who participated, but also to everyone who decided to support GreenIT and Vega IT and Eko Kurir for organizing this action.

Our employees

Nevena Ćirić
Marketing Manager

​I am with QA Cube team from day 1, since the foundation of the company. It is a privilege to grow and develop together with the enterprise, and be part of its every phase, and of the disruptive, unique QACube story. Each day at work is a new opportunity to learn, continually improve and step out of the comfort zone. Currently, I am leading a team of people whom it is a great pleasure to work with. And this is not only because we successfully solve together every challenge we face in the fast-paced IT market of global banks, financial services, insurance and telecom companies, but because we are, above all, friends - not just colleagues.

Predrag Matuski
Technical Team Lead

I've always been passionate about new challenges and learning, surrounded by great people and positive energy. This is exactly how I would describe my current position at QACube.
​As a team, we give our best to tackle our clients’ day-to-day challenges, and strive to create a healthy and friendly atmosphere where we manage to persevere and succeed in our goals of delivering superior software quality.

Denise Rigoni
​Product Manager

​For me it has always been important to have a job that allows me flexible working hours, so that I can easily balance my family life and career and pursue my passion for the mountains.
In QA Cube I can take a few days off, when an optimal weather conditions allow great hiking or exciting ski touring.
I must say that I’m pleased to work with all my colleagues at QA Cube, be it with my product owner or development department, the presence of strong team spirit and trust is always there.  Together we strive for success! 


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