Red Lion Marketing d.o.o

Red Lion Marketing d.o.o

About us

Red Lion Marketing Ltd. is  service company to financial organizations specializing in online marketing, costumer support, compliance, sales and more. RLM caters to medium and large financial companies, providing cutting edge services and solutions with massive experience and proven results. Potential clients approach us via professional marketing channels with a specific interest to trade with one– or more different instruments.

Our employees

Maja Dragaš
​HR Specialist

I had the privilege to participate in forming the RLM team from beginning.

Colaborating with highly ambitious and professional individuals, has given me the opportunity to taste the HR industry at its finest. Gathering right people in the right place and supporting them on every step of the way is what makes our working environment outstanding.

Nevena Radisavljević
​Team Leader

Business in Red Lion Marketing is extremely dynamic. Every day I interact with a large number of young and ambitious people, which makes my working day very quality and fulfilled. The company gives us great autonomy in the work while at the same time taking care of the progress of each individual through the setting of new goals, and my job is to lead the members of my team on the path to success.

Marko Radosavljević
​Account Manager

Work in the industry, followed by constant changes, is very interesting and challenging. The team in which I work and the diversity of people who make it is an inexhaustible source of knowledge and training. The ability to keep up with all the processes of a dynamic business is what makes it different every day. 


What we offer to our employees


Red Lion Marketing d.o.o

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