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Remote Executive Assistant to a CEO

MM Coaching Limited

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neto 3.000 - 4.000 EUR mesečno ugovor puno radno vreme online intervju za posao

Remote Executive Assistant to a CEO 

Location: Remote | Type: Full-time | Experience: 2+ years as an Executive Assistant preferred 

Marriage Mastery is a leading self-development online education company dedicated to helping men save their marriages. Our coaching services specialize in addressing critical marital issues such as divorce, infidelity, and lack of intimacy, among others. With a remote team of over 30 international professionals, we are committed to delivering the highest quality services and products. Our goal is to not only support individual growth but also to build a sustainable, optimized online education business. As we continue to expand into new markets, we aim to reach more people and make a significant impact on their lives. We are currently seeking exceptional individuals to join our growing team and contribute to our mission of transforming lives. 

Are you ready to make a significant impact? We are searching for an Executive Assistant to support our CEO. In this vital role, you will serve as his go-to person, playing a key role in brainstorming and implementing ideas for improvement, setting goals, creating workflows, as well as assisting with everyday activities to ensure all the processes are streamlined. By taking on the tasks that the CEO usually handles, you will free up his time to focus on strategic business growth. This is an incredible opportunity to learn directly from a CEO who has built a giant in the online education space and is revolutionizing the industry one day at a time. If you are entrepreneurial, patient, business and tech- savvy, proactive, detail-oriented, and ready to take on new challenges, we want to hear from you! 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Strategic Planning and Execution: Support the CEO in developing and executing strategic plans by preparing necessary documents and presentations. Assist in aligning organizational goals with strategic initiatives to ensure cohesive and targeted growth. 
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: Collect, analyze, and summarize data to provide actionable insights for strategic decision-making. Ensure the CEO is equipped with the most relevant and up-to-date information for informed decision-making. 
  • Project and Budget Management: Lead and manage cross-functional projects to ensure their timely and successful completion. Assist in the preparation, monitoring, and management of the company's budget to align financial health with strategic goals. 
  • Crisis Management: Act as the point of contact during crises, coordinating communication and response strategies to ensure smooth resolution and minimal disruption. Maintain a calm and organized approach to handling unexpected challenges. 
  • Cultural Ambassador and Team Engagement: Foster and promote the company's culture by organizing team-building activities and maintaining team morale. Coordinate team events, manage performance reviews, and keep the CEO informed on team dynamics. 
  • Innovation Scouting and Process Improvement: Research and identify new tools, technologies, or methodologies that could benefit the organization. Identify operational inefficiencies, propose solutions, and implement changes to enhance efficiency. 
  • Personal Development Coordination: Organize and manage the CEO’s personal development plans, including attending seminars and continuous learning opportunities. Ensure the CEO remains at the forefront of industry trends and leadership skills. 
  • Network Expansion: Help the CEO expand his professional network by identifying and facilitating high-value connections and opportunities. Enhance the CEO's ability to connect with key stakeholders and industry leaders. 
  • Operational Support: Oversee various tasks and projects, including research and report preparation. Develop and refine Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to streamline workflows and improve operational efficiency. 
  • Calendar, Travel, and Meeting Management: Organize and manage the CEO's calendar, schedule meetings, and proactively resolve potential conflicts. Plan and book travel itineraries, manage reservations, and handle expense reports efficiently. Prepare briefings and agendas, coordinate logistics, take notes, and follow up on action items. 

Expectations for your first 60 days: 

  • First 15 Days: You will start full-time, reviewing company documents, shadowing the CEO and other key players, and interviewing relevant team members. Your focus will be on identifying gaps and areas for immediate improvement to make a significant difference from the start. 
  • By Day 30: You are expected to align your schedule with the CEO's, take over basic recurring responsibilities, and begin building SOPs. You will start developing systems and managing smaller to mid-sized projects to ease the CEO’s workload. 
  • By Day 60: You will be fully integrated, working seamlessly with the CEO as his right hand. You will provide constant support on organizational and time management fronts, as well as offer emotional, brainstorming, and strategic assistance. Your role will involve playing devil's advocate to the CEO while maintaining an open mind, learning from the CEO, and teaching how to optimize his workflow and break through challenges. 


  • Experience & Skills: 2+ years as an Executive Assistant in a startup, proficient in remote work, and tech-savvy with tools like Google Sheets, ClickUp, Notion, Slack. 
  • Strategic, Data-Driven & Project Management: Excellent critical thinking, strategic planning, data analysis, and project management skills. 
  • Crisis Management, Company Culture & Problem-Solving: Able to handle crises, foster a positive company culture, and identify and solve operational inefficiencies. 
  • Personal Development & Networking: Can manage personal development plans and expand the CEO’s professional network. 
  • Organizational & Communication Skills: Exceptional at managing schedules, travel, meetings, and communicating effectively. 
  • Adaptable, Proactive & Entrepreneurial: Adaptable and proactive with a strong desire to learn and innovate. 
  • Time Zone: Can work aligned with the CEO's time zone (GMT +4). Compensation and Benefits: 
  • Performance Bonuses: Our company values your hard work – we reward high-performing individuals with bonuses and commissions based on their performance. 
  • Professional Growth: We believe in the growth of our people. Seize the opportunity for continuous professional development and career advancement. 
  • Monthly Compensation: We offer a competitive salary range of $3500-$4000 per month for full-time work. Additionally, we provide constant opportunities for compensation growth based on performance 
  • Team Retreats: Be part of our team retreats and have the unique chance to work with our CEO, in person in Dubai.
  • Flexible Schedule: An overlap with the CEO's time zone (GMT +4) is expected,  but not completely fixed. The working hours will be agreed upon ad hoc, in communication with the CEO. 

Why Join Marriage Mastery? 

  • Direct Mentorship: Step into a role that allows you to work closely with our CEO. Gain invaluable insights and experience in the thriving online education industry. 
  • Impactful Work: Join us in our mission to save marriages and positively impact families around the globe. 
  • Dynamic Team: Become a member of our passionate team that values self-development, lifelong learning, and a collaborative work environment. 
  • Executive-Level Insights: Participate in high-stake discussions and strategic decision-making processes, gaining unique insights into executive leadership and business strategies. 

Application Process: This job opening is actively seeking 2 perfect candidates and will close once found. We streamlined our hiring process to make it as fast and simple as possible, please follow the application steps closely and submit a high quality application: 
Application Video: Candidates will be required to submit a 2-4 minute long video in which they will introduce themselves and answer the following questions: 

1. What relevant experience do you bring to the table? 2. Why are you the perfect fit for this role?
3. What’s your proudest professional accomplishment?. 

The video should then be sent electronically.
Shortlisting: Candidates who meet our criteria will be shortlisted and asked to attend an interview. 

We look forward to receiving your application and hopefully having you join our small, but impactful team. 

    Marriage Mastery Coaching Limited

    Marriage Mastery is a rapidly growing company with a mission to transform the lives of men navigating challenging romantic relationships with their wives or girlfriends. Our team of highly skilled professionals is deeply passionate about providing expert coaching and unwavering support to our clients! Our commitment is to help men create a passionate marriage full of love and intimacy with their wife, and become a role model to their children and generations to come. We are a community of strong…

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