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2i Ltd is a leading software development and outsourcing company. Our distribution of our offices and development locations (United States, Canada, UK, Malta, Palestinian Territories and India) make us one of the most efficient and cost effective outsourcing and software development destinations in the industry. 

We specialize in portals development, back office and software outsourcing services,along with the development and implementation of custom software for small to medium size companies. 

Our success comes from following one simple philosophy in our day to day operations: "Get the best solutions at the cheapest price possible." We achieve this by carefully looking at the best locations that can provide talent, time to market at the cheapest prices possible without compromising quality. Hence, our biggest two development centers are located in Malta and Palestinian Territories (but not India!). Our India development center is our third largest allowing us and you to determine the best place and best talents to work on your projects while cutting your costs and not quality.

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