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Affinitiv offers Business Strategies and Technology Consulting through its presence in North America, Europe and Asia .Affinitiv is leading a new breed of "Networked Companies".

Affinitiv is a Dynamic Boutique Services Company providing solutions to clients using its world-class Client Engagement and Project Management expertise and the Affinitiv Partner Network [APN], a branded membership network consisting of the best in our industry.

Affinitiv also leverages the Affinitiv Investor Network [AIN] and the Affinitiv Employee Network [AEN], to further extend its offerings, expertise, and market reach for its clients.

Clients engage Affinitiv to get Outstanding Service, an Outstanding Solution, and Access to the best in the Industry. In today's complex world it is difficult for clients to find one partner to meet the majority of their needs. In reality they require the best-of-breed across a broad set of disciplines to truly receive the value they need and deserve. Clients may be able to find a partner who provides excellent service and has a great understanding of their business [A client-centric company].

But they may fail to have the capability and/or desire to follow through with a final solution. Other companies do the reverse. They are outstanding at providing a specific product or service but fail to focus on understanding the full set of issues faced by their clients [A product-centric company]. Very large services companies have tried to fulfill this role but usually fail to live up to their client expectations due to two major factors:

       They try to have all capabilities under one roof

The difficulty with this approach is that there exists a great diversity across our industry. To be truly outstanding in your field you need to have the right culture, approach, and environment. This is very difficult to foster within one enterprise. The result is usually a bland mix and this leads to average capability across the company.

      They have a competitive rather than collaborative approach

  • When you have a competitive approach, you tend to offer your clients what you have available within your company [A static approach].
  • When you have a collaborative and partnership approach you are able to offer the best available within the industry [A dynamic approach].
  • Clients deserve the best at all times.

Affinitiv was created to provide the best available solution by focusing its employees to become world-class client engagement and project managers [Outstanding Service]. It also focuses on Partnering with the leading Product and Services Companies in the Industry [Outstanding Solutions]. Lastly, it has adopted a Dynamic approach so that it can always seek, recruit, and enable the best in the industry.




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