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Bitgear is a leading Serbian high-technology RnD and product development company located in Belgrade, established 2007.

We are specialists in sensor technology and applications of IoT in industry digitalization. Technologies we work with on a daily basis span from Electronics and Embedded design, Motion recognition with MEMS, Optical sensing, Digital Signal and Image Processing, through Internet-Of-Things platforms, to mobile and web service applications and solutions.

Bitgear’s culture is: MAKERS culture! If you are a maker, driven by creating new electronics devices and IoT systems: you will be able to immediately see the results and impact of your work on real world applications.

We do not outsource or hire people for specific projects. We have our own lines of products (, and working at Bitgear is a best of two worlds: “product” approach and processes, and “services” dynamics and variety of projects.


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Stevana Markovica 8a, Beograd, Srbija

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