BlackRock (Former eFront)

BlackRock (Former eFront)

About us

In 2019, company by the name of eFront was acquired by BlackRock and since operates as a specialized business unit within BlackRock Solutions, alongside Aladdin Institutional and Aladdin Wealth.

BlackRock helps investors build better financial futures. Our business is investing on behalf of our clients, from large institutions to parents and grandparents, doctors and teachers who entrust their savings to us. We work only for our clients. Our promise is to offer them the clearest thinking about what to do with their money and the products and services they need to secure a better financial future.

That's why investors of all kinds have made us the world’s largest asset manager, entrusting us with trillions of dollars, and it’s why companies, institutions and global governments come to us for help meeting their biggest financial challenges.

Our Mission 
At BlackRock, we’re guided by our culture and a set of principles that ensure we never forget what we stand for – to help more and more people invest in their financial well-being.

​Our multicultural environment is fuelled by creative people who are driven to deliver. We are committed to providing the opportunity for you to build your career, develop and improve your skills as a part of the biggest asset management firm in the world! 

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Why us?

1 out of 500

​At the moment, 500 people at our Knez Mihailova office are working on the same goal in a wide range of departments from G&A, Support and Account Management, Marketing and Sales on one side to Risk Management, and Technology, EDI and Professional Services on the other. 

Alongside our employees, we consider 4 principles crucial for all employees at BlackRock and they are:

1) We are a fiduciary to our clients

Put simply, your goals are our goals. We represent your voice, your needs and your investment goals in every decision we make.

2) We are passionate about performance

We take emotional ownership of every aspect of the work we do, prizing strong subject matter expertise and an insatiable appetite to learn.

3) We are One BlackRock

We know that working in silos is not conducive to our best work. We pride ourselves on our solutions that result from the constant collaboration between our diverse teams.

4) We are innovators

We are proud of our long history of innovation, driving continuous change to help investors achieve their goals. This culture of innovation has been, and continues to be, the foundation of our success.These characteristics represent a benchmark that allow us to continue to achieve stellar results. 

Our employees

Snežana Ćirić

"As a part of the great financial software industry, being a software developer means to produce the best solutions for problems and get clients satisfied. Also at a personal level, you need to be reliable and curious, open for getting new knowledge and give all the best from yourself to reach the goals. Working at eFront gives you the opportunity to raise yourself as a developer and as a person. There, you can find unselfish colleagues, who are open to share knowledge and give you support at any time." 

Nikola Bogosavljević
​Client Support Consultant - IC

"My team and I, we thrive to exceed our client’s expectations throughout our daily work and we put as much effort needed to provide best in class service when it comes to customer success. We are proactive, and we try to be the best in business. We listen, we guide, we help, we are there for them 24/7."

Ciara Fox
​Account Manager

"Our clients are based all over the world, therefore it’s a very interesting area of the business to work in. My personal focus is the UK & Nordics. I love my job, it’s an interesting & rewarding role working closely with C-level executives, and learning more about each individual client we work with. The Customer Success organization at eFront work together as a strong team and its very encouraging to always have a host of colleagues all over the world to share ideas & learn from."


What we offer to our employees


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BlackRock (Former eFront)

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