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Codemancy Studio

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Codemancy Studio is a Full-stack Web Development company located in Niš,  Serbia. The company was founded in 2014 and during the professional journey our team specializes in E-Commerce and Web Application solutions. Our production team consists of 3 departments: Backend development, Full-stack development and UX/UI design department. These departments are supported by Codemancy management fellas who are responsible for keeping track and improving Agile practices we use in our organization. 

In terms of the services we offer to the clients, we are very proud of not just providing top-notch E-commerce or Web Application, but instead we fancy to improve a client's business model through custom solutions we create and implement for them. 

Regardless of a position in the team, we all strive for the same goal -  to partake in "A Culture where everybody wins".

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Bogdana Popovića 2, Niš, Srbija

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