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As you can tell by our name, we are a tribe of code professionals, a pet-friendly, innovation-loving company full of explorers and original thinkers - all inspired by software craftsmanship.  We are a team! We help each other explore our full potential and push even beyond.  

Our company has a story to tell, a driving idea behind each of our projects. These concepts will not only delight our audience but also deliver on measurable business goals. Codetribe is the conduit between an initial idea and a final product in the hands of consumers. We help our clients hone their designs and find the content that best fits their unique identity, which we then channel into a high-quality product that completes their goals.  

What we do? 

Building alliances with creative minds.  

Why we do it? 

To create a sustainable environment where trust is given, ideas are encouraged, and quality of life is improved for everyone involved.  

How we work? 

We’ve got our clients fully covered, from the very beginning all the way to the end result! Starting with effective idea management, storyboard mapping, design, user interaction and product road mapping, through code implementation (using the latest and most scalable solutions) on every technology stack - from Backend, Frontend, iOS and Android apps to really cool and thought-provoking technologies such as Home Automation and the Internet of Things. We complete our work with testing, validation and product launch. 

Even after the fact, we’re still there for our clients and continually work to maintain and improve their customers’ experience. We manage all of that by using Scrum, which is effective, dynamic and allows everyone to pitch in - we love it! 

As a team, we believe that a strong product vision is supported by details! Who are the customers? What do they need? What is the go-to-market plan? These questions, and more, capture what our clients want to achieve - the crucial information to maintaining a winning product!


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