O kompaniji

Crypho is a Norwegian startup company that delivers high-security enterprise communications with end-to-end encryption; chat, file sharing and video conferencing.

We help organizations with high security requirements, such as law enforcement, government, and health and financial services communicate confidentially and securely. We work with some of the most demanding customers in the field of information security.

Crypho has received high international acclaim. We won the prestigious Norwegian Rosing award for cybersecurity in 2015, as well as the EU commission’s Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Award.

Product and technology

Crypho is a SaaS product delivered as mobile apps (Android and iOS), desktop apps (Windows & Mac OS, soon Linux) as well as through the web.

Our client apps are built primarily in Javascript using React Native for mobile and React & Electron.js for the web and desktop. We have written and maintain open-source libraries to handle some of the slow crypto processes natively on mobile.

Our server technology stack comprises of a cluster built on Python, Twisted, PostgreSQL and Node — running on Linux. We are aiming to provide standalone instances in the near future using Kubernetes.



Øvre Langgate 40, Norveška