Dale Consulting S.r.l.

Dale Consulting S.r.l.

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Dale Consulting S.r.l. started its activity in March 2006, offering services and consultancy for the Information Technology market.
This business initiative was the result of experience gained over many years thanks to everyday contacts with the ICT world.
The founders, who are also partners and company administrators, possess that comprehensive knowledge which is necessary to be able to compete with the giants of the Information Technology sector and which has led Dale Consulting to become a fully operative reality today.
Dale Consulting benefits from a large group of employees and associates who have gained extensive experience in the Information Technology World.
The main professional profiles which Dale Consulting has invested in and will invest in the upcoming years, are:

Certified Project Managers
Dale Consulting offers project management to its clients in accordance with international standards in order to carry out reliable software projects. The project activity is developed taking into consideration the procedures suggested by the Project Management Institute in order to guarantee high level products, optimizing costs and complying with time limits.
Functional Analysts and Process Consultants
Dale Consulting offers the consultancy for the processes analysis and re-engineering, the collection of the business requirements, the realization of the feasibility study, the determination of the functional detail requirements to its clients. In particular Dale Consulting has excellent knowledge about the processes in the Banking & Financial Services and Retail Markets. 

Dale Consulting offers the consultancy for the project and the structure of the application architecture and database to its clients. 

Application Developers 
Dale Consulting offers the realization of whole solutions to its clients: Database project and creation; technical detail analysis; Application modules development; Test Editing and Implementation (system test, integration test, functional test).



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