Detecon Al Saudia Co Ltd (DETASAD)

Detecon Al Saudia Co Ltd (DETASAD)

O kompaniji

DETASAD was established in 1982 as a Saudi –German Company with kingdom-wide activities in the fields of Telecommunications.With sound roots in Telecommunications Network Management, Consultancy, Planning, Design, and Operation and Maintenance of Networks we, at a very early stage, enhanced our service portfolio to cope with the trend of merging Information Technology, Media, Entertainment and Security Services.

Our capital is the accessibility to a pool of highly qualified experts in the demanding field of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ICT). These resources are made available to us through the affiliation of our German mother company with the Deutsche Telekom Group (German Telecom).



P. O. Box # 22135, Riyadh 11495, Saudijska Arabija

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