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EML Group

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EML Group was established as a multi-purpose company in the city of Novi Pazar at SERBIA.
The EML Group, which has experienced employees on its behalf, has set up a new chapter for International Road Transport.
The EML Group has been providing long-standing experienced work and its employees with flexible and reliable logistics services in European Road Transport.

In all of our activities, we adopt and implement marketing management approaches and techniques that are focused on the desires of our customers,

To create corporate values ​​that are understood, adopted and shared by all employees,

To keep human resources in the forefront and to contribute to the development of this resource at the individual and institutional scale,

To enable the establishment of total quality understanding that will keep the satisfaction of our employees, our customers and our business partners at the highest level,

To ensure that open, developer and learning attitudes towards development and innovation are settled in company philosophy
EML Group has embraced qualitiy as a philosophy of life and has maintained its integrity and trust as its main values. Since its founding, EML Group has put a different position among reputable companies in the sector with its understanding of "work and human respect".

We aim to continuously increase our contribution to our country's economy for contemporary and modern Serbia, while retaining our ability to create a sustainable culture by creating differences in our work that has been sustained, and to be a business that performs with superior success in terms of quality and duration of implementation.

We are continuing our work with the goal and conscious of being among the reliable companies of Serbia that sets the standards in terms of productivity, quality and trust in the transportation sector. Today we are walking towards our goal by shaping our future.

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Avnoja bb, Sprat 2, Novi Pazar, Srbija

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