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Why essitec?

essitec full-time specialized engineers with advanced engineering degrees are dispositional for full service in a variety of industries including aerospace, space & defense, metro & rail, automotive & heavy equipment, energy & utilities, appliance manufacturing, consumer packaged goods (CPG), electronics, batteries & semiconductors.

From Idea To The Full Product

In need of a team of specialized engineers? We provide you with a wide range of services that will guarantee the reliability and longevity of your product, for minimal cost. We speak english, german, russian, spanish, arabic, chinese, hungarian and serbian. We have already worked for top players in the industry.


Our offices are in Belgrad and Novi Sad where we are a part of high potential community of emerging creative professionals and forward-thinking businesses in tech. Some of the most successful start-ups of nowadays were founded and still work here.

We Value Potential 

Want a career in a company that gives you the independence to implement your ideas and show all capabilities you have as an engineer? Working in essitec will induce all your best qualities and make you one of the best experts in your field of expertise.

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