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Required: Firestarter-level Data Hackers, Heroes and Rebels
Are you a Firestarter, a Data Disruptor, a Platform Pro?
Have you got the skills, smarts and attitude to build the data platform for the world’s visionary companies? Do you have the courage to revolutionize the data stack? Can you enable the next generation of digital businesses to change the world?
Want to be part of a culture that stands out from the crowd? You do? Good. We want you to join eVision Solutions and unleash your power on our killer platform for digital transformation.

Who is eVision Solutions?
Good question. eVision Solutions supports large organizations to increase efficiency and reduce costs and risk by designing and implementing empowered digital solutions to create new knowledge. Our goal is to make enterprises open and business processes agile through the use of the best Open Source technologies. Our team is formed by the synergy between young talented specialists and experience professionals whose aim is to deliver added-value projects with a pro-active commitment to implement solutions tailored to our client’s needs in an agile and flexible way.
How do you do that? Another excellent question. Our platform connects, translates and normalizes any kind of data. It enables large enterprises to create a ‘Data Supply Chain’ that works on premise, in the cloud and connects any device. Built on top of existing infrastructure, it is the business agility layer that bridges the gap between business and IT. So not only technologists, but marketing, operations, sales and business functions can build transformational products and platforms, models and markets without losing the value of their legacy systems. Our platform makes the process of getting from business case through to proof of concept, API, prototype and deployment faster, smarter and leaner. Our clients include Johnson & Johnson, Credit Suisse, Konica Minolta and more.
The only problem we have is that we’re missing this one piece… You.
Is This You?
We believe great people build great products to serve great partners. We believe in investing in our people and culture to ensure every employee is tremendously successful. We believe every employee should be open, courageous, diverse, radical and responsive. And those aren’t just some meaningless words on a wall. We live and breathe our core values in everything we do.
But most importantly, we want people who love being challenged, people who don’t follow the status quo, people who kickass and take names (not literally) and all around good people who enjoy working in a fun environment. Keep reading if this sounds like you.



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