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Evolvea d.o.o.

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Constantly pushing the barriers to innovate technology which safeguards people, working and living environments, while improving lifestyles

With this philosophy is at its core, the Evolvea Research and Development group is constantly at the technology forefront to enable our environments to answer to our requirements, keep us healthy and safer and improve our standards of living.

Our R & D consists of a well-orchestrated, multidisciplinary team of technical, ICT, legal, environmental and sociology experts, delivering the most complete, yet modular Smart Technology Platform, which addresses a plethora of Public, Private, Environmental and industrial challenges, with extreme efficiency. In conjunction with a wide range of data collecting smart sensors, IoT Cloud platform and a wide range of vertical applications, Evolvea boasts the first battery powered Mesh Network, the components of which have a life cycle of between 10 to 15 years.

Evolvea sees the coming together of various expert organizations who shared the vision to create the most complete and integrated Smart Platform based upon the Internet of things and Big Data paradigms.

Based out of Switzerland, the Evolvea organizations is made up of 180 professionals in the following areas;

IoT Cloud computing. With more than 1000 clients availing of our Cloud services, we boast one of the most mature Cloud operations’ organizations, offering a highly scalable suite of services to our clients across the PaaS, IaaS and SaaS paradigms
Our R & D team of Electronics’ and Hardware engineers design and develop a comprehensive suite of sensors, tags, and surveillance equipment, as well as the revolutionary Evolvea SmartNetwork. All network devices avail of a special electrical power technology, with a battery life span upwards of 10 years
EHS and Q specialists work together with our Application engineers to develop a wide array of applications based on vertical best practices and regulatory requirements. Our consultants also work with our partners, advising on how extract the maximum advantages from our SmartPlatform
Technology Associates are specialists in the development of end to end solutions for all things concerning vehicles and containers in motion

All disciplines have been integrate to provide the most holistic and modular technology suite for a wide array of IoT based applications.


Evolvea d.o.o.

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