Flo Retail Doo Beograd-Stari Grad

Flo Retail Doo Beograd-Stari Grad

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FLO Retailing, the foundations of which have been laid by Ahmet Ziylan in a small workshop of 50 square meters in Gaziantep around the beginning of the 1960’s, has started its operations in order to produce custom-made shoes. Ahmet Ziylan, changing the route to Istanbul with the sub-industry production that started in Istanbul in the 70’s, has established Ziylan Shoes in 1985 and started to produce their first sports shoes here.

While FLO Retailing, continuing its growth without pausing in line with its goal of becoming one of the 10 global brands that will emerge from Turkey in 2023, serves in almost 600 stores domestically through the FLO, In Street, Nine West and Sport in Street retail channels, also offers its services in almost 100 international stores in near countries such as Kazakhstan, Iraq, Albania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Morocco, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine and soon Serbia.

FLO aims to export 300 million dollars in 2023 in line with its overseas targets, to reach 300 overseas stores in 47 countries and to make Turkey one of the largest shoe production bases in the world.

FLO Retailing works to increase its performance in e-commerce even higher by being the Turkey’ large shoe marketplace and integrating the FLO website with several international websites in the nearby geography, especially in Italy, Russia, Morocco and Ukraine.

In addition to retail brands, FLO Retailing also has shoe brands such as Lumberjack,Kinetix, Dockers by Gerli, Polaris, Butigo, Nine West, İnci and Mercedes, each of which is a leader in its field, both in stores and wholesale.

FLO Retailing, also supporting the sector by its investments, has made an investment of 15 million TL in and established its shoes factory in Şanlıurfa, where it aims to offer employment to 2000 individuals.

FLO Retailing, which also draws attention by its investments in mankind and sustainability, has established its Quality Laboratory that currently has an annual capacity of 240 thousand ecological tests and 10,000 physical tests and has been entitled to receive the ACCREDITED BY TÜRKAK certificate in April 2016.

Offering employment to more than 10 thousand individuals directly and almost 35.000 indirectly, FLO Retailing accomplishes the production of more than 3 million 500 thousand pairs of shoes and the sales of 55 million pairs of shoes per year.

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