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Real Medicine Foundation is an internacional organization aligned with government and internacional agenices in twenty - five countries on five continents around the world. RMF was founded 2004 by Dr. Martina Fuchs. In fourteen years of operation, our services reach a target population of more than 17 million people worldwide. RMF implements 16 different programs in 25 countries: disaster releif, hospital and clinic projects and support, education and school support, refugee support, malnutrition eradication, mHealth programs: health care capacity builing and health system strenghtening, health care education and outreach, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, mobile clinic outreach, economic stability and livelihood, community support, vocational trainings, medical support of youth and children, psychological trauma support and health research.

Work in Serbia: Foundation RMF Balkan is an nongovernmental organization in Serbia that was founded in February 2019. The organization started to work even before the registration, at the end of 2015. Foundation RMF Balkan was founded to provide a comprehensive response to the needs of refugees and migrants in Serbia during the refugee crises. Since then, RMF has implemented following areas of activity: development of social enterprise, holistic healthcare and trauma healing programs, youth participation and reconcillation through sports for youth.



42 Terazije Street, Belgrade, Srbija

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