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Game Credits d.o.o.

At GameCredits, we are gamers, first and foremost. Gaming is what got us into computers early on. It gave birth to a passion for programming that—decades later—led us into the exciting world of blockchain and digital currencies.

We believe the gaming industry can be vastly improved for all—publishers, game developers, casual gamers, esports professionals, and aspiring pro gamers—through the use of blockchain and digital currencies.

Today, GameCredits is an international, multicultural company striving to transform the gaming industry with our GameCredits (GAME) digital asset and a suite of other blockchain-based products. Founded in 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia, we now employ a team of more than 100 people across 10 offices in five countries.

And we keep on playing.

We are sorry to inform you that English version of our website is not currently available.

If you are an employer, all the information about ad prices and conditions of job publishing can be found here.

Feel free to call us +38124.41.55.615 or contact us by email