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There is a huge demand for managed IT services, as startups and mid-sized businesses opt for software development services and managed cloud computing features from a reputable managed services provider. Obviously, IT outsourcing is a much more cost-effective approach as compared to recruiting an in-house team of IT experts, as it allows instant access to solid cloud computing expertise, cutting-edge cloud services, and technology solutions.

Heechee Doo's consulting expertise covers VMWare, Cisco, *Nix, AWS, GCP, Azure, Security, PCI-DSS, etc. 

We design, implement and maintain systems with automated deployments, backup and restoration, load balancing, auto-scaling groups, logging, and monitoring of the cloud-based infrastructure.

Our team began as a provider of remote network administration services. Over the years, our expertise grew and we began providing various outsourcing services. From Web development and QA to IT consulting, providing SystemOps/DevOps services and building Secure IT solutions.



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