HelloChakra LLC

HelloChakra LLC

About us

Our core values are:

✔️Excellence in everything we do (“I go above and beyond”)

✔️Ownership and responsibility (“I own it”)

✔️Continuously push the limits (“I don’t accept no as an answer. No is just an option”)

✔️Openness & cooperation (“Everyone matters”)

We are a remote e-commerce company on a heartfelt mission to spread Love, Positivity, and Health, one exceptional product at a time. Our unique niche is esoteric products that resonate in online markets around the world. With a crystal-clear vision for the future, our dedicated and diverse team is ever-growing, and we are eagerly seeking talented individuals to embark on this exciting journey with us.



1712 Pioneer Ave. Ste 500, Cheyenne, Sjedinjene Američke Države