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Our company has been in the Tannery business since 1728! Hüni Tannery has been existing and Tanning on the lake of Zurich in Switzerland until the late 1960’s. Then the company was transformed in supplying Process Control equipment to the Tanning industry. After enormous success and hundreds of automated drums in a few years only, next logical step followed in order to be an even better solution provider - wooden drum production was started in 1988 followed then in 2003 with the production of PPH drums. Today Hüni is clearly the leader in Drum Process Controls as well as in Drum Technology. We are also the most innovative Drum producer offering products that no other supplier can offer! Hüni has branches in Serbia (HUNI doo), Italy and Turkey, with headquarters located in Switzerland.

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HUNI doo is a team consisted of young professionals and successful people who contribute with their work to the quick and successful qrowth and improvement of the company. Positive atmosphere, energetic, optimistic, enthusiastic and responsible team gives its contribution to the surrounding which offers ideal working conditions. In our team we encourage and nurture expression of individual characteristics and needs together with building and keeping team work and spirit, which is reflected through positive interpersonal relations, pleasant working atmosphere and successful realisation of goals  with excellent communication and cooperation.

In HUNI you will find young and proffesional team, ready for hard work, but also a great fun when needed esspecially during often teambuildings and corporate events. Additional private health insurance is offered to everyone. Daily fresh fruit and various beverages are just some of the things making every working day in HUNI pleasant and comfortable.

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