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The Hyperoptic story began in 2011.
Since then, we have been rolling out the largest gigabit network in the UK, providing broadband more than 21 times faster than the national average.
More than just an internet service provider, we build and install our own full fibre optic infrastructure, delivering fast, reliable and competitively priced broadband.
We have been named as one of the 100 fastest growing technology companies by The Sunday Times ‘Tech Track' for the second year running, we have won the industry’s ‘Best Superfast Broadband' award for six consecutive years, and we have a five star Trustpilot score.
Operating in the UK and Serbia, we have grown from a small team holding a simple idea and strong values, to a larger group dedicated to the same values and executing the idea with a clear focus – efficiently bringing gigabit broadband to urban areas across the UK.

Why us?

Bowling business league

Hyperoptic people are competitive but share tremendous team spirit!

Our employees

Dragana Šujak,
​CRO & Web Manager

I joined Hyperoptic in August 2016, when there was only one office and around 70 employees. The moment I arrived at my first interview, I realized that this is exactly the place I want to work- and here I am, still happy - 3 years, 3 months later. Now we are over 350 people in three offices in Belgrade and it’s amazing to see how our company has been growing and developing. I’ve started as a Webmaster within Marketing team and early this year I’ve changed my role to Conversion Rate Optimization & Web Manager within Digital team. I’m responsible for website optimization and improvement. The team spirit, work atmosphere and conditions are great, so I can warmly recommend Hyperoptic as a company to work for.

Nataša Goga, ​
​Permit Coordinator

I have been a part of Hyperoptic Team past year and a half. I started this journey as a StreetWorks Permit Coordinator within Fibre Infrastructure Department. This was very exciting and completely new job role in our market, not approached before. It was a challenge and great opportunity to be the pioneer for English StreetWorks legislation in Serbia. Hyperoptic gave me the chance to learn and develop new skills and to gain knowledge about UK Telecommunication Industry. Different departments in the company are collaborating closely in order to deliver the best service! I feel that I am in an environment where additional trainings are always welcomed and supported and that I have ability to develop my career more and more…

Aleksandar Šotić,
​Device/Network Engineer

Hi there,
My name is Aleksandar and I'm a part of a Network CPE team.
In telecommunications, customer-premises equipment or customer-provided equipment (CPE) is any terminal and associated equipment located at a subscriber's premises and connected with a carrier's telecommunication circuit at the demarcation point. CPE generally refers to devices such as telephones, routers, home networking adapters, and Internet access gateways that enable consumers to access providers' communication services and distribute them in a residence or enterprise with a local area network (LAN). Within the CPE team, I'm responsible for the maintenance and management of CPE. This requires a lot of commitment, to set our customer's experience to the best level of quality. In addition, to be the best company in the UK market,  Hyperotic is an amazing employer! Organizational culture, personal development, and my colleagues make me feel appreciated and thrilled for every new challenge - and it's been like that since day 1 I've joined the company!


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