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Include grew out of an idea of next-generation urban outdoor equipment and furniture into a Smart City pioneer whose products are used by more than 2 million people every year.

Our solar powered benches can be found in multiple cities around the world and provide smartphone charging, Wi-Fi, streetlight, keep track of environmental data and serve as e-bike chargers, DOOH advertising points, and even CCTV systems.

Every Include product is made in the EU, using local components and our own smarts, research and design skills.

We develop every product from scratch, with our specialist teams working on software and hardware at the same time, allowing for sustainable, resilient and safe products.

Recognised by Deutsche Telekom Group, Nokia, Kia and Red Bull, who bought and endorsed our products, we are a part of multiple smart city projects around the world which lead to a new line of products – smart waste collection and management our future cities need.

With offices in six countries and through established supply channels, we deliver complex and customisable solutions improving the lives of urbanites in over 56 countries.

In 2019. we received a 2.5 M investment in support of our quest for smarter city equipment and furniture.


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