Incode d.o.o.

Incode d.o.o.

One Identity Everywhere

About us

Who are we?

We are a leading identity company that is reinventing the way humans verify their identity and interact with the world’s largest Banks, Fintechs, Marketplaces and Hotels with a highly secure and delightful AI based experience. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company operates globally with additional offices in Mexico City and Belgrade.

Incode is growing exponentially, and this is only the beginning. We raised an additional $220M in equity, bringing the company to unicorn status with a valuation of $1.25B!

What do we do?

We enable banks, fintech, retailers, marketplaces, healthcare systems, and many others to provide more secure and delightful experiences to their customers.

Through our flagship suite, Incode Omni, we offer an end-to-end omnichannel identity platform that helps businesses address all of their identity needs, from digital onboarding and know-your-customer (KYC) to omnichannel authentication, payment, verification and more.

Our Vision

Recognized as a leader in facial recognition technology by the US Government's NIST, the company's vision is One Identity Everywhere: the vision of creating an identity that can be reused in multiple channels and across all companies; a way to make users’ lives incredible simpler when onboarding, opening a bank account and keeping fraud at bay.

Our Specialities

Mobile Security, KYC, AML, B2B, Identity Management, Identity Security, Digital Security, Mobile Payments, iOS, Android, Enterprise Security, Artificial Intelligence, AI, Machine Learning, ML, Biometrics, Facial Recognition, Technology, Startup, Mobile Application, Web Application, Enterprise Software, API, SDK, Innovation, Cloud Computing, On-Premise Solutions, Servers, Encryption, Security, and Fraud Prevention.

Who do we Hire?

Incode has built an all-star team that offers a diverse, fun, and rewarding environment. We are a globally-minded team that is passionate about solving the challenge of digital identity validation through facial recognition.

We are currently counting over 100 employees working in the following areas: Engineering, Sales, Business Development, Arts and Design, Research, Finance, Support, Human Resources, Legal, Operations, Military and Protective Services, Healthcare Services, Marketing.

We're in the process of rapidly scaling our close-knit team and we're looking for candidates who are curious, driven and excited by ownership!

In Incode we inspire people to think big, to not limit their dreams and always strive for more.

If you’re interested in creating the future with us please take a look at our Job Openings or sеnd us your CV and CL at:


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