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Joorney Business Plans is an American business plan writing company headquartered in Miami, Florida. The company provides a wide variety of business plan writing services for companies of all sizes, as well as for current and future company owners and executives. We pride ourselves on the professionalism of our highly skilled team and on our ability to write tailored and customized business plans that cater to each client's specific need. Producing an exclusive quality document each and every time is our priority.

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Our employees

Sara Stanojević: Corporate Document Designer

As a previously experienced freelance designer, an office job was a refreshing change for me, especially because JOORNEY offers a relaxing atmosphere and manages to provide diverse and challenging projects that help me grow my skills. Gaining new knowledge about different ways of business management is beneficial to my professional development. JOORNEY lets me explore my creativity, giving no limitations to design, and I can always find inspiration while talking to many of my great colleagues over coffee breaks. 

Nina Nićiforović: Training and Development Manager

​Joorney truly functions in a unique way – what is amazing is the fact that the company offers bright and motivated individuals an opportunity to develop themselves in a dynamic, start-up environment in which every employee’s effort and persistence are both of high importance to the company as well as fully recognized and appreciated. Joorney is all about new ideas and a fast pace, which together lead to continuous learning and growth. What I personally enjoy doing the most is training new colleagues by helping them become a part of our culture and turning them into true professionals. 

Anđela Veselinović: Business Plan Writer

Originally from Nis, I moved to Belgrade to accept an enticing offer from Joorney to continue doing research, only now with an unparalleled access to information about the U.S. economy. Before Joorney, I worked as a freelancer and volunteered in consulting agencies and I did not have a lot of access to information about industries and businesses in general. Joorney has a pool of young professionals with different educational and professional backgrounds, creating a diverse and dynamic environment where colleagues work together and are always ready to help each other, exchange tips, and have entertaining discussions.


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Joorney Business Plans

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