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As a web development company, we specialize in programming services. The Kolosek team consists of development and designer teams which make sure that clients get to fully experience our product development process—from coming up with a project idea, to design and front-end development, all the way to back-end development.

We are fully committed to creating great web and mobile apps that have value for the user. This means making sure that we write quality code which will be presented through excellent user experience.


Over the years, we have created a number of high-quality apps using Ruby on Rails, React, Angular, Node, and other technologies. The Kolosek team has worked on and contributed to various mobile and web development projects.


We are a project development team that consists of bright and witty dog lovers.

If Bill Gates was right and technology is just a tool, then we want to use it to create something awesome and help our clients as much as possible. Our biggest advantages are our drive and willingness to learn new things. We have been working in the industry for years and, until this day, we enjoy finding new solutions and technologies that cater to our clients’ demands.

What happens when a new challenge comes up? We face it and overcome it, as a team. Poor leadership is expensive and that's why we make sure there is a proper leadership team development. With transparency, initiative, and proper communication we were able to efficiently complete all of our projects.

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