Miticon d.o.o.

Miticon d.o.o.

O kompaniji

Miticon is a creative agency with an intelligent approach to business that commands excellence in the fields of design, innovation, marketing and technology with a twist.

With our sister company (The Sherlock Group), our teams are based in California and in Serbia. We are unique in our way of approaching ambitious projects in digital marketing, technology and website development by offering customized solutions to top clients in the industry.

Doing technology right is what we believe in and what motivates us as a company to keep building systems that keep us unique. We have a deep-rooted belief in creating technology and solutions the right way that will sustain and grow for a long time.   

Disney, Warner Bros., Sonos and Hyperloop are just a few of the clients that have established successful long-term partnership with us, and we are continually working on strengthening these relationships and exceeding our client’s expectations by creating new solutions that keep them as industry leaders.

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Vladimira Radovanovića 6/31, Beograd, Srbija

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