Norwegian Green Development

Norwegian Green Development

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Norwegian Green Development Pte. Ltd. (NGD) is a developer and investor established in 2015 and was founded by a group of investors who share the same vision:

“Creating premier resort destinations in South East Europe offering upscale accommodation facilities, multiple golf courses, sport facilities and residential buying options capable of attracting the affluent buyers in the region and markets further afield. The key target is to obtain international recognition by providing world class service and hosting corporate events while maintaining harmony with nature, paying careful attention to the environment by applying environmentally friendly design and operational practices".

The destinations of the planned resort developments are expected to gain economic and social benefits for the local communities.

Following our passion, we seek for unique locations, with the potential to become new hot-spots of the modern lifestyle - spacious, ultimately green, luxury, active, healthy. Our mission is to develop hubs of sustainable, mindful living. We bring together professionals of various backgrounds, making a close-knit development teams sharing our vision and acting as one.

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