Ogranak Aspire Technology Unlimited Beograd

Ogranak Aspire Technology Unlimited Beograd

About us

Who are we?

Aspire Technology was established in Ireland in 2010 and in Serbia in 2011, founder Bill Walsh identified the market need for end-to-end Software Solutions, Network Services, Consulting, and more recently the establishment of the Aspire OpenRAN Lab, for mobile network operators, managed service providers and technology partners. Though still proudly Irish, Aspire now delivers solutions in over 25 countries, with an expert team of network engineers and project managers. Our expertise, software, and unique solutions allow us to deliver the connected world on any network, anywhere, for any client. Aspire covers and supports the full lifecycle of mobile operators, from R&D of RAN products, over strategy definition and network design to network rollout, optimization and support activities, and finally customer care. Aspire top competence and vast experience, technology expertise and vendor independence, in combination with AI/ML and automation skills, through a partnership with our customers enable their success on the market.     

What is our culture like?

At Aspire, we have a culture of professionalism, innovation, and partnership. We’re always on the look-out for talented and ambitious individuals who enjoy a challenge and have the passion to excel. We know that we’re only as good as the people we surround ourselves with, and that’s why each employee of Aspire is an important and valued member of our team.

Why you should work with us?

Aspire’s reputation grew from years of deep technical expertise and professional excellence. We know that our employee's career and development is of utmost importance to them. So by supporting and empowering them to develop their competence, we can continue to exceed our customer expectations. We have an award-winning structured career progression model that helps employees get where they need to be in their careers. We support further education, and we provide both technical and business coaching to help them grow. 

Our employees

Aleksandar Relja,
Professional Services Engineer

Aspire offers working in a positive and dynamic environment. Working on many different vendors, give you opportunity to constantly improve your skills and knowledge. The best thing in Aspire is that every problem can be resolved, as you are surrounded with people who are always ready to share knowledge and help. Team parties and team buildings are just one part of the atmosphere created by employees.

Dijana Radosavljević,
​Financial assistant

In Aspire is an excellent atmosphere. The entire team are so welcoming! There is genuine knowledge sharing within the company, and people are supportive, eager to help others and the most important, you are constantly improving yourself. The best thing about Aspire is its organizational culture.

Đorđe Lukić,
​Professional Services Engineer

I started working in Aspire Technology as a Graduated Telecommunication Engineer. During a year of work in Research and Development department as a Software Test Engineer I finished master studies in Telecommunication Engineering and started PhD studies in the same field.
The greatest asset of Aspire is that the company is motivating each person to constantly improve their technical, academic, social and life skills in general. Members of the Aspire ecosystem are always ready to assist each other in troubleshooting the most difficult problems, and as a result are making the telecommunication networks perfect.


What we offer to our employees

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