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​Founded in 1996 as a spinoff from a globally-recognized, leading technical university, P3 began with the goal of implementing an innovative new process and has remained focused on serving clients from innovation to implementation. P3 has grown rapidly to over 3,500 employees across 45 locations globally.
We cluster our expert knowledge from different areas to enable our customers worldwide. Over two decades P3 has grown worldwide to become a well-established market player with:
in the whole P3 group
in 15 countries
from more than 40 nations
are engineers
P3 group provides Engineering and Consultancy excellence in numerous sectors, from Aerospace to Automotive, Telecommunications to Technical Documentation to name but a few. P3 enables our clients to succeed in their business by delivering tangible value.
P3 is a global network of innovative and creative experts, serving customers in five industries:
consulting, engineering and testing services for the whole telecommunications industry
consulting, management support and testing services for the automotive industry
consulting, application and implementation services for all major OEMs and their tier 1 suppliers
innovative solutions based on a scientific background for energy transition
a combination of wide range technical know-how and long term management experience.

Our expertise

Our fresh, innovative application of technical and managerial best practices puts tailored solutions in place – not just on paper – with continuous guidance until a project or process is implemented, and tangible value has been achieved. P3 is an independent provider of:
Technical consulting
ICT network engineering services
Device, network and service testing.

P3 communications
In the telecommunications sector, P3 communications provides independent technical and management consulting services including network planning, engineering, end-to-end optimization, security, QoS and QoE testing, international benchmarking, device testing and acceptance services. P3’s clients include network operators, equipment vendors, device manufacturers, public safety organizations and regulatory authorities around the world.
P3 communications serves all major players in the telecommunications industry comprising 5 subsidiaries in USA, AUS, IND & SRB. Our portfolio is based on an end-to-end view from devices via networks to services.


Target-oriented testing support along the entire life cycle of devices and chipsets guarantees high-class quality products. Our scope is:
testing capabilities
from smartphones to IoT & M2M
mobile devices interacting with mobile networks
worldwide function & performance test
worldwide for leading OEMs  
We provide network benchmarking for major operator groups worldwide. Testing, benchmarking and scoring of mobile networks deliver valuable input for network and performance optimization.
It is a new technology for better QoE analysis. It enables benchmarking and smart decisions with a passive approach delivering speed, latency, in app performance, battery consumption and app usage statistics
We provide optimization for leading operators around the world. In-depth technical know-how and well-developed analytics capabilities assure highly effective network optimization 
To build the road to the digital and connected future, P3 consulting services help our customers to make better decisions. The services include: 
consulting and project management services
auditing & assessment services
development of customer experience frameworks
development of quality dashboards
technical due diligence 

Who we work with
We work within organizations and teams to develop and implement innovative solutions to complex technology challenges. Our clients are open-minded, secure leaders who seek solutions. They have the courage to bring in outside experts who can provide long-term value to their organization. 

Why us?

P3 – Different Consulting for a Different Industry

Article about P3, June 2017

Sascha Kempf, a project manager for P3, explains part of the firm’s growth.  “The concept of P3 is not only to advise customers, but to support them. This means P3 is a hybrid of a management consultancy and an engineering service company and they work with their customers all the way from strategy to implementation, which is a rare combination. As a technology driven organization with a German engineering background, P3 customers mostly consist of large corporations as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups in the aviation, automotive, energy and telecommunications sector. “
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Our employees

Systems Automotive Engineer 

A girl in an automotive team!? Well, why not! I’m a part of a multinational team that cooperates with German OEMs. My job could be described as an exclusive one, since we handle various prototypes, those yet to be seen all around us in the future. Working with new technologies and being a part of automotive future improvements is the biggest advatage of this job.

Visual Analytics Developer 

I’m an Engeneer of Organizational Sciences, working as visual analytics developer, which sounds pretty tough.  However, this position allows me to combine my engeenerial background with my curiosity and creative nature.
In our team we like to say "When things get boring, just visualize“.

​Telecommunications Engineer 

I have been working for P3 group for 4 years and I find it very challening. On a daily basis I ’m dealing with data preparation, data proccessing and final deliveries for our customers worldwide. I am part of team that promotes positive energy and friendly atmosphere within P3 corporation.


What we offer to our employees


P3 group

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