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Pirate Technologies d.o.o.

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About us

HolidayPirates (www.holidaypirates.group) is one of Europe’s fastest growing, free-to-use, travel search platforms and apps, providing users with the best value for money international travel deals. Since its inception in 2011, the company has grown to become the largest online travel community in the world.

HolidayPirates Group continues to expand its online presence in Germany, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Poland, France, Spain, Switzerland, and most recently, the USA. Our 220 employees from 38 different countries work on 10 websites in 7 different languages.

HolidayPirates Group operates the following domains: urlaubspiraten.de, HolidayPirates.com, urlaubspiraten.at, PiratinViaggio.it, VakantiePiraten.nl, VoyagesPirates.fr, wakacyjnipiraci.pl , ViajerosPiratas.es, SemesterPiraterna.se, Ferienpiraten.ch and TravelPirates.com

Companies founded under HolidayPirates Group are: VoyagesPirates SAS in France; HolidayPirates Ltd. in London; Pirate Technologies d.o.o in Serbia for new technologies and the advancement of our own product; and TravelPirates Corp. in the US, launched in February 2016.

Facts and figures: 

  • Global headquarters in Berlin, Germany
  • Management: David Armstrong (CEO)
  • More than 10 million Facebook fans
  • 10 million App downloads
  • 800.000 Newsletter subscribers
  • Over 1 million WhatsApp subscribers

HolidayPirates Group is an equal opportunity employer and evaluates applicants regardless of an individual’s age, musical taste, race, color, gender, religion, ice cream flavor preference, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or veteran status.



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