Plan C d.o.o.

Plan C d.o.o.

The Place where balkan meets Medditerannean

O kompaniji

Welcome to Salt & Pepper, the ultimate destination for modern and dynamic dining in Medulin. Whether you're looking for a laid-back atmosphere, lively music, or delectable cuisine, we have it all. At Salt & Pepper, we take pride in serving some of the finest barbecue meats, premium steaks, gourmet burgers, fish dishes, vegan options, and a variety of small plates that cater to all tastes. Our commitment to quality is unmatched, as we cook primarily on charcoal and use a Josper oven to prepare our dishes at temperatures of 350 °C and above, resulting in unparalleled flavor and texture. Whether you're a meat-lover or a vegan, we have something to satisfy your cravings. Join us at Salt & Pepper for a memorable dining experience that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

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Društvene mreže

Sad 138, Medulin, Hrvatska

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20 - 50