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Ragebite is a studio specializing in stunning web and app design. We use our life-long love for this industry to create next-level solutions in Esports and competitive gaming. The expertise that we have provides our clients with an edge over their competitors. Established in 2016 and operating in present 2021.

Our story starts in 2016 when a group of lifelong gamers and friends decided to pursue a shared dream. We wanted to use our passion for games and our strong set of digital skills to help people around the world with the same desire to leave their mark on Esports history.

Since those early days of creating WordPress themes for our fellow gamers, Ragebite, (Originally known as PixieSquad) has added more than 4000 eSports organizations to its portfolio, helping them with a wide array of challenges. We have designed and built web applications, completely overhauled company brandings, and more recently we’ve been focused on developing our own system that will allow clients to create their own competitive gaming platforms within just a few clicks.

Today, operating out of our office in Belgrade, Serbia, it feels like our Esports journey is truly underway. Our vision for the future is to develop a unique set of products, that will empower game lovers as well as established Esports brands to bring their own ideas to life.


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Bulevar Vidroa Vilsona 8, Beograd, Srbija

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