Shared Mobility doo

Shared Mobility doo

O kompaniji

We are software company powered by KINTO, Toyota’s mobility service. Here, we are dedicated to revolutionising the way people commute. 

Why? Because we believe that commuting can be greener, less costly and, most importantly, less of a hassle.

How? Our dedicated team is committed to building the best corporate mobility solution, KINTO Join, the mobile app and web platform that allows for incentivised ridesharing scheme implementation, and ease of use. 

We believe in having fun with different technologies and experimenting with creative solutions. That’s why our employees have the freedom to express themselves and grow their skillset.

Where? Our office is located in the heart of Niš, long-known for being the hub of innovative thinking when it comes to technology.


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Generala Tranijea 13, Nis, Srbija

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