TIAC d.o.o.

TIAC d.o.o.

About us

TIAC is a software company operating in the field of financial technologies focused on bringing efficiency, innovation, and the highest development standards. This is achieved by applying innovative methodologies and technologies, and by implementing efficient internal processes. Partnering with some of the biggest names in transactional systems worldwide, we have gained abundant experience in various technological domains, with a particular focus on products and services in the FinTech sector.

Our dedicated teams are composed of experts who consistently exceed expectations to meet the rigorous demands of the software industry and pioneer innovations in the FinTech and ESG sectors, utilizing cutting-edge cloud and AI technologies.

Internally, we are committed to staying on top of the game by leveraging our R&D practice for innovation and strategy, knowledge systems, and industry trends. 

TIAC is continuously seeking talented software developers to join our dynamic team. If you are eager to collaborate with us, we invite you to explore opportunities on our Careers page.


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Ovaj poslodavac odgovara na vaše prijave


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