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About us

TradeCore is a platform-as-a-service provider that enables fintechs to build next-generation banking and investment products.

TradeCore's full stack offering does all the heavy lifting, allowing companies to focus on launching unique customer experiences. By providing access to the core, and complex, infrastructure of compliance, regulation, payments, banking and capital markets in the form of a service, their customers are able to take advantage of

​TradeCore's accumulated domain expertise and focus their attention on the core essentials of their own product offering.

We’re always on the lookout for bright individuals that want to help us make a global impact. Want to help us transform the fintech industry?

Please visit our jobs page at

Our employees

Milan Stanojević,
Chief Innovation Officer

​Being part of TradeCore can be as difficult as it is rewarding. We all push each other to be more excellent by the day, and the process isn’t always easy. All told, I would not be half the professional I am today if it wasn’t for the challenges and opportunities I’ve had during my time here.

Jovana Andjelković,
Product Owner

I joined TradeCore so long ago that it would be appropriate if I added *it's-been-84-years* meme here. And I'm really glad that I did, as the growth opportunity I was given still seems unreal. The fact that I got to wear a lot of hats so early on in my career allowed me to fast-track my progress and gain the amount of knowledge you'd expect to take years, if not decades, to obtain. 

The best part? People! Not only because they're there for you and you get to learn a lot from them, but you're bound to make great friendships (and products) along the way. Plus, they're an endless source of memes!

Marko Kostadinović,
Backend Engineer

I think that every engineer determines the level of attraction of a job by the challenges they're facing. Working in a fintech startup definitely brings a lot of great challenges.

​Add to that the fact that our company has created an environment where teams are given full support in the research and implementation of new technologies, tracking trends in distributed systems, software security and best practices in domains ranging from UX to operations - and you've got the definition of a stimulating and exciting workplace.

What also counts towards satisfaction is the excellent team and focus of the company on social activities. In short ... let's just say that we at TradeCore look forward to Mondays. :)


What we offer to our employees

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