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Why umlaut adds something on töp?
umlaut adds something on top - this promises to help our clients all over the world to change the quality of their technological capabilities and organizational culture from regular to special. We add value on top of their services, products and entire organizational fabric, all the way throughout our partnership. Expected amount or quality plus an unexpected extra: 100%. Plus X.

umlaut Belgrade story.
From the very first project initiative in 2006, the company registration in 2009, the global company rebranding in 2019, we’ve passed major transition through, as goal for better shaping our organizational & people development. Our expertise in Telecommunication, Automotive & Energy industry is constantly seeking and offering high-quality expertise and career development opportunities. There are around 250 of us, here in Belgrade. But this is not the end – we are still growing, by enabling ourselves to grow - for the better.

Able. Agile. And humane.
It’s all rooted in our philosophy. By adding something on top we are empowering our people. We are constantly trying to make our working environment cozy. We are team oriented. The ideas and suggestions of our employees are of great importance, because we consider that the culture of open communication within the company is the key to success. We all together have a clear vision of our mutual mission.
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Infotainment testing; E-mobility; Data Visualization;

School of Electrical Engineering, Organization and Management, Computer Science, Mathematics, Faculty of Traffic and Transport... 

sector possess full in-house expertise in mobile terminals & networks testing, Mobile Networks Benchmarking and Optimization; IoT; 5G; SW development; Project Management; data visualization, SW development, QA and complex data analytics, Cloud Services; Big Data in Telco.

testing sector, called Systems, has black belt in Infotainment testing & E-Mobility. Our competencies are focused on: infotainment testing, test automation, trace analysis, defect management and test evaluation. As a specialized provider of testing and development services, we have been implementing our testing methods and strategies in the development areas of electrics and electronics worldwide. 


This has been newly founded team in our Belgrade office, in 2022, providing consulting services in the field of power engineering, i.e. power systems. Their competencies are focused on: power system modelling and analysisDemand forecast, steady state and short circuit analysis, dynamic and small signal stability, voltage stability, EMT, OPF, power quality assessment, network reconfiguration and system losses reduction, techno-economic and cost-benefit analysis.


Telco Technology.
GSM, UMTS, CDMA, LTE, VoLTE, VoWiFi, NB-IoT + CAT-Mx, 5G NR, Big Data, AWS, Application Development, Data Analytics, QA, DevOps
Telco tools.
TEMS, QXDM/QCAT, Accuver, Wireshark, Python, Appium, Selenium, Tableau, SQL, Hadoop, Spark, JAVA, Angular, C#, Android, javascript, php, uC programming, Docker, Git, Jenkins, CI/CD

Auto Tehnology.
E-Mobility, Autonomous driving, In-Car connectivity, Infotainment, Bluetooth, SW radio, Automotive Ethernet, CAN, LIN
Auto Tools.
CANoe, Matlab, Lab EQ (Signal measurement and generation), Arduino, Python, Linux, Agile management toolsTeams & Competences.

Energy Technology & Tools.

  • Power systems operations, planning and development
  • EU network codes and methodologies
  • RCC/TSO/DSO services
  • Business process development
  • Requirements engineering
  • Project management
  • Data exchange standards
  • Interoperability

Energy team is focused on:

  • Expertise in transmission and distribution network areas and support digitalizing the energy sector
  • Power systems planning and exploitationMid and long-term master plans for DSOs & TSOs and feasibility studies on connection of conventional and renewable energy sources to power grid
  • Power system analytical software development
  • EU network regulations
  • DSO/TSO/RCC processes and services
  • In-depth knowledge of power system modelling and analysis





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