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As umlaut, we change industrial and organisational advisory and fulfilment services from regular to special.
Our special mark is that we help our clients all over the world to change the quality of their technological capabilities and organisational culture for the better.
We ÄDD VALÜE ON TÖP of our services, products and entire organisational fabric.


75% of our employees are ENGINEERS

umlaut is a global network of innovative and creative experts, serving customers in
In Serbia WE began our story in 2006, dealing with...
In the telecommunications sector, umlaut provides independent technical and management consulting services including network planning, engineering, end-to-end optimization, security, QoS and QoE testing, international benchmarking, device testing and acceptance services. Umlaut clients include network operators, equipment vendors, device manufacturers, public safety organizations and regulatory authorities around the world. Umlaut serves all major players in the telecommunications industry comprising 5 subsidiaries in USA, AUS, IND & SRB. Our portfolio is based on an end-to-end view from devices via networks to services.
Target-oriented testing support along the entire life cycle of devices and chipsets guarantee high-class quality products. Our scope is: testing capabilities, from smartphones to IoT & M2M, mobile devices interacting with mobile networks, worldwide function & performance test, for leading OEMs.
As a specialized provider of testing and development services, we have been implementing our testing methods and strategies in the development areas of electrics and electronics worldwide. Our broad portfolio and extensive experience in testing, specification, and automations makes us a reliable partner for many of the leading automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. Whether testing individual components & software modules in subsystems or in full system integrations, we help our customers achieve the highest quality during the development of automobile hardware & software.

Why us?

P3 Group AG becomes umlaut AG - About our amazing transformation

So, we have a new brand. Our well-established company P3 Group AG changes its name to umlaut AG.

"The old name was well established over more than two decades. We used to live “P3”. And people in our industries know it very well by now. Why would anybody do this change?

When our company was founded, we were all excited and wanted to make a ding in the universe. And our recipe to do this was a huge success when you look at our client base, our portfolio and our financials.

But over the years, within the P3 Group we developed different views and objectives and we had intense discussions on the way forward, but we could not agree.

The Split
However, most of us wanted to stand together and wanted to evolve the company, give it modern and professional governance with checks and balances, do exciting projects and keep growing and finally even dare to rebrand it. The CODENAME of this project was NOVA and was managed by an interdisciplinary team.[NOVA CoreTeam]It was in early 2019 when we split the P3 we all loved into two parts: in doing so we kicked open the doors to a new era. Within the last we established a new governance for NOVA, giving all stakeholders a voice that is heard. We developed a joint vision for NOVA - where we are heading to and what we stand for. We performed a change of generation, passing the leadership of NOVA from the founders to the next generation. And we established a clear path to shareholdership for more of our incredible employees.

The Result
The immediate result was immediate and tremendous growth, just by bringing our people together. Within one year, we tore down the old silo structure of industry verticals and now collaborate intensely across boundaries, for the sake of our customers. We are a big gun in aerospace, automotive, energy, the public sector, and telecommunication."

umlaut is our new brand, but our core values remain the same
Our customers and our employees are most important. We deliver solid consulting, engineering and testing to our clients, truly end-to-end. We think out of the box. We are always authentic. We are fun to work with. And we always deliver something on top. An extra to the ordinary.

2+ decades of successful deliveries and completions, 400m+ annual turnover, 50+ locations all over the world, 20+ subsidiaries, 4,300+ experts/engineers/enthusiasts from 80+ nations to add something on top for your business success."

Happy Birthday, umlaut!

Hakan Ekmen
Chief Executive Officer Telecommunication at umlaut

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Our employees

Mobile Network E2E Performance Analyst

"As part of the Data Deep Dive team, I have insight into all new trends regarding mobile network technologies, including the 5G deployment.
Working on numerous projects has allowed me to analize different mobile networks across the globe.
My principal responsibilites are performance analysis and comparison of 3G/4G networks for leading mobile operators in Australia & Oceania.
With great collaborative team and learning from top senior engineers I am able to pursue my goals, overcome all challenges and expand my knowledge."

Junior Test Engineer for Automotive Systems

"Since I have started working as a Test Engineer for automotive systems at umlaut, I have become aware how wide and powerful the Automotive industry in the world really is. I am constantly being blown away with the technologies that are being currently developed and imlemented in modern cars, and at umlaut I have the opportunity to test those things first hand. This job has given me the opportunity to work on projects for some of the biggest names in Automotive today, which has been the amazing experience."


Senior Technical Expert 

"I have started at Umlaut Company 11 years ago as a Field Test Engineer in the department which focuses on mobile device testing and gives wonderful opportunity for travelling a lot and seeing different parts of the world. As the company has been growing, my knowledge and responsibilities have grown as well. Today, as a member of the Technical Team involved in the deep-dive analysis of different issues which could happen on mobile devices, I support my colleagues in their daily work, but I also organize trainings and prepare them for testing."


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