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UnifyVault LLC

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As a Company, we have a culture that promotes a behavior of taking care of the customer at all costs.

These are our core values and thrive to work extensively to fulfill them:

Highly integrated ADI (Advanced Distributed Intelligence) the solution uses a Decentralized API powered by blockchain technology, smart contracts, and threat intelligence to mitigate most sophisticated threats. The solution is designed to continuously predict, monitor, prevent, detect, response and mitigate most advanced cyber threats like Zeroday, file-based and file-less malware, Ransomware, APT, DDoS. Every data transaction is logged, timestamped and validated. Computational power is maximized by leveraging smart contracts to validate all transactions. Smart Contracts also help enforce Security logic for the IoT and ERP systems as per the organizational structure UnifyVault has a promising and unique solution where every transaction is logged, timestamped and an IOE (Incident of Event) is generated IOE's are analyzed using smart contracts to alert any possible vulnerability.



330 E Liberty Street, Ann Arbor, Sjedinjene Američke Države

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