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We are a US-based company, headquartered in San Francisco with a development center in Belgrade, but with employees all around the world!   

With more than 300 health tech solutions delivered over the past 20 years, our deep expertise in software development and Digital Health enables us to provide one of the best ROIs in the US health tech industry. From storing on floppy disks to storing code in the cloud, we have not only witnessed but were a part of the rise of the tech revolution!

Our people are constantly changing the world. 

We corroborate diversity, development, and innovation in health tech!

Software Engineers at Vicert thrive in solving complex problems and always craft the best solutions working with various technologies, frameworks, platforms, and tools. We primarily engage with product development, MVP, POC, product enhancement, system integration, adding new features, and cloud migration.

We start by partnering up with our client's leadership team, followed by conceptualization, design, and development of products that address their business needs. This is more than just tech requirements, we always combine these two things:

Help our client realize their vision with a high certainty degree;

Give our people a way to participate in the world market.

Every project we work on has to make sense and has a deep positive impact on people's lives.



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