Worldwide Clinical Trials d.o.o.

Worldwide Clinical Trials d.o.o.

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Worldwide Clinical Trials (WCT) is a leading global provider of clinical research services, focusing on early and late-stage drug development services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We develop sophisticated and innovative approaches to research, with primary focus in the areas of cardiovascular and central nervous system medicine, along with significant experience in inflammatory disease and other therapeutic areas.

At Worldwide Clinical Trials (WCT), our core values are sound science, intense therapeutic focus and results orientated service.

Our goal is to provide deep medical and scientific expertise, concentrated technical leadership and outstanding service.

Our mission is to conduct pharmaceutical research while fostering the development of safer, more effective methods of combating disease. We expend every possible effort to satisfy our clients' requests and to help doctors, patients and society at large, while providing our staff an enjoyable, challenging and satisfying place to work.  



Omladinskih brigada 90B, 11 070, Beograd, Srbija

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