WWH Pan d.o.o. Beograd

WWH Pan d.o.o. Beograd

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Worldwide Hospitals is a global healthcare company providing flexible medical infrastructure solutions. Our primary mission is to provide high-quality healthcare to where it is needed most, and our main goal is to bring together a global team to deliver turnkey medical solutions.

Our company is strategically based in Zug, Switzerland. We are operating from our Headquarters North in the international harbor city of Hamburg, Germany, in addition we run our Headquarters South in Belgrade, Serbia.

In addition to the factory in Seville (Cameleon Modules S.L.), another production center has been built in Pancevo and is now ready for large-scale production.

Healthcare disparities between populations and the impact of extreme events on people around the world are major challenges for the global community. Forces such as climate change, conflict and displacement are straining already overwhelmed health systems.

We want to address these global health challenges by providing innovative health solutions that can make a difference, especially for traditionally underserved populations and countries facing the most acute problems. The world needs innovative solutions that strengthen the global capacity to provide health care and respond to health emergencies.

Therefore, our goal is to design mobile and modular healthcare facilities that are tailored to the customer's missions and needs and can be expanded, modified and relocated at any time. In addition, we offer a holistic solution that also includes hospital staff, management, maintenance and training to carry out on-site operations together with local personnel.



Černiševskog 2a, Beograd, Srbija

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