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Zuhlke Engineering d.o.o.

Zuhlke Engineering d.o.o.

Empowering ideas – that is our mission.

About us

Zühlke – Empowering Ideas.

We believe that innovation and technology are a positive force of change for business and society. We support our clients to envision and create a sustainable future.

We were founded in Switzerland in 1968 and we are a global innovation service provider. Our 1600 employees are based in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hong Kong, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Vietnam. We specialize in strategy and business innovation, digital solutions and application services in addition to software and system engineering. The Belgrade office is eight years old, gathers 160+ smart and inspiring colleagues, and keeps expanding!

We are committed to the growth of our people and are investing in their development. We’re empowering them to build the skills they need to make a positive impact, both personally and for our clients, today and in the future.

Our way of working is created to give you the opportunity to perfectly balance work and private life as you like! Feel comfortable knowing that YOU decide for how long, when, and how much you work. You can choose between reduced or condensed working hours with 32.5 - 40 hours per week, spread across 4 or 5 working days. The choice is yours.

Our hybrid working model gives you the possibility to work from wherever you feel productive (our office, your home, one of our hubs). It’s all up to you and your current needs and wishes. 

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Teamwork is deeply integrated into the culture at Zühlke - open feedback culture and everyone has a voice. Get inspired by a diverse work environment and benefit from our multicultural and interdisciplinary backgrounds!


Selection process

There are two interview steps.

First interview:

You will get the opportunity to meet us in person (or via video call), and by us we mean HR and fellow engineers.

We want to hear about your experience, projects, mindset, what you like and dislike about your job. And of course, you can ask us anything you are eager to know (we like to talk a lot about our culture, learning opportunities, clients and of course, board games).

Afterward, we skip to a technical discussion to check your level of expertise. This technical part could include: 

- small coding task (do not worry, you don’t need to chase the solution, we just want to simulate how it will look like to work with us)

- code reviews (focusing on clean code and quality) 

We will follow the process of crafting the code, not pursuing the goal. We know, this sounds like Zen 😊 To prepare yourself, you can refresh memory on OOP concepts, data structures, algorithms. The legend says it is a merit to know hashtag implementation.

And the best part is that you get instant feedback. We will share with you immediately whether we go to the final round or not. And most importantly, why.

Final round:

In the final chapter, like in a fairytale, you will have a chance to solve the mystery. It is a case study 😊 We will share the requirements and ask you to visually present your solution, for instance using a UML class diagram. Basically, you can draw whatever you like, it is just important that we see how you understand the system (entities, their connections, maybe you recognize some design patterns. GOF is always a good gang to know).

This conversation will be very interactive since constructive communication and good arguments are always welcome. In the end, you are a software engineer – you know that there is no only one solution.

This step also has the best part – instant feedback. So you will get the offer to join us, or if you do not get the offer, you will definitely have transparent feedback on why we do not see each other as a match.

If this is not clear enough or you have doubts or questions, you can always reach to the HR representative. They are like fairies who will lead you through the process.

*depending on the position applied for, the selection process may differ in steps

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