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Minth Automotive Europe

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Minth was established in 1992 in Ningbo China. In 1997, the company organized its various branch companies into a single Group Company, and MINTH Group Limited entered into a new area in the field of exterior auto-parts of passenger vehicles in Mainland China. On December 1, 2005, Minth Group was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and has now become one of the top 100 auto parts companies in the world. Minth has now expanded to become a leading supplier in design, manufacturing, and sales of body structural parts, trims, and decorative parts of passenger vehicles. Production plants and R&D centers are located in Asia, Europe, North America, and other continents. There are more than 60 production plants and 4 R&D centers in China, the United States, Japan, Thailand, Germany, Mexico, Serbia, Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom. More than 25,000 employees. In Minth Loznica we have two separate business units. MAE: Minth Automotive Europe, and the other, yet younger one is MAB- Minth Automobile parts Balkan. 

MAB unit belongs to Aluminium business unit, ABU.

MAB in Serbia was officially founded in November 2020. with the first hiring of Serbian staff beginning in December. Now, a year later, there is a total of more than 180 employees. In MAB we produce decorative trims for automobiles, made out of aluminum. We thrive on MAB culture values which are sincerity, boundless, innovation, honor, and inspire our employees to keep learning, developing, and being better every day.

MAE Automotive Europe belongs to the Battery business unit, BBU. 

MAE in Serbia was officially founded in June 2018. with the first hiring Serbian staff beginning in August 2019. Now, we have more than 1500 employees. In MAE we produce battery houses for electrical vehicles. Our company values are embracing change, teamwork, integrity, and trust. 

MINTH employees are taking responsibility, acting ethically, and displaying honesty and fairness in every situation. Having people working together based on confidence and mutual respect for each other. Working together in a collaborative way; harnessing the power of diversity and displaying unity of vision; complementing our own ideas and skills with others to meet our business goal. We embrace positive change as a constant and see them as opportunities to advance our organization and meet the needs of our customers. 



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